Huawei P20 Pro Setup & User Guide


Get your Huawei P20 pro set up and working with this guide. We take you through inserting the SIM, setting up email accounts, connecting to Wi-Fi and everything else you need to know to get started with your new phone.

Download the official P20 Pro user manual here

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Box Contents


Here's what you'll find in the box:

  • P20 Pro
  • Wired earphones
  • Mains power adaptor
  • USB-C cable
  • SIM tray tool
  • Protective case
  • Warranty booklet

Inserting your SIM and memory card


You'll need to insert a SIM card into your P20 Pro before you turn it on. The Huawei P20 takes a micro-SIM, which you may have received with your phone. If you don't have a micro-SIM, your mobile network provider can send one to you.

P20 Pro SIM tray

Follow these steps to insert the SIM and microSD card into your Huawei P20 Pro.


Take the metal pin from the box and push the pointy end into the pinhole on the top left edge of your phone.


The tray for your SIM card will eject. The SIM sits in the slot on the end of the tray that goes in the phone first, and a microSD card sits in the slot at the back.


Place the SIM on the tray, line up the cut corner of the SIM with the tray then push it back into the phone.


To add a microSD card, place it on the tray and make sure the metal contacts are facing down - towards the back of the phone. Slide the tray back into the phone.

Completing the P20 Pro Setup Wizard


Now you've installed the SIM card, you're ready to set up your Huawei P20. Press the Power button on the right-hand edge of the phone for two seconds - until the screen lights up.

When the phone turns on, you'll see the first screen of the 'Setup Wizard' - a series of steps that help get the P20 Pro ready to use. To make things less confusing, we explain each step and screen you'll see along the way.

P20 Pro setup 1
P20 Pro setup 2
P20 Pro setup 3
P20 Pro setup 4

Check the language for your phone is correct, then press Next to begin the setup.


You will be asked to agree to Huawei's terms & conditions. Tap Agree to continue.


Confirm your choice by tapping Agree a second time.


Huawei have a User Experience service that will collect data on how your phone works. You can join this service by tapping Join, or skip this step by tapping Later.

P20 Pro setup 5
P20 Pro setup 6
P20 Pro setup 7
P20 Pro Setup 8

Huawei's Phone Manager looks after your phone by running security scans and checking for errors. Phone Manager needs permission to use the internet in order to work, so tap Agree to allow permission.


Now you will be asked to give permission to the Wi-Fi+ and the Weather services. Tap Agree for each service, and press Next to continue.


To use Wi-Fi on your P20 Pro, make sure the Wi-Fi switch is turned on. It will turn blue when it's active, and you'll see a list of nearby wireless networks appear.


Tap on a network name to start joining. You must enter your wireless password and press Connect to continue.

P20 Pro setup 9
P20 Pro setup 10
P20 Pro Setup 11
P20 Pro setup 12

If the password was correct, your network name will say Connected below it. Press Next to continue.


If you've used an Android phone previously, you can restore from a backup to your new P20 Pro. If this is your first Android device, tap Set up as new.


Sign in with a Google account to download apps, receive updates and much more. Enter your email address and tap Next, or press Create account if you don't already have a Google email address.


Enter the password for your Google account and press Next.

P20 Pro setup 13
P20 Pro setup 14
P20 Pro setup 15
P20 Pro setup 16

Press I agree to agree to Google's terms of service.


Google services work best when it's got the right permissions. Scroll down and press Agree to continue.


Stop people using your apps and looking through your photos by adding a lock screen to your phone. Tap on a lock screen type, or press Later to set this up later. (Our guide to setting a lock screen is further down this page).

If you chose to skip the lock screen setup, press Skip anyway to confirm your decision.


Huawei's Phone Clone software can transfer data from your previous phone to the P20 Pro. If both phones are nearby, choose Phone Clone and follow the on-screen instructions.

To carry on setting up your phone as a new device, tap Skip. You can transfer data at any point in time.

P20 Pro setup 17
P20 Pro setup 18
P20 Pro setup 19
P20 Pro setup 20

Turn on the Cloud feature to back up contacts, photos and other data to the internet. You can skip this step by pressing Not now.


In this next step you can set up a lock screen for your phone. Tap on a security type to start adding a lock screen now, or press Skip to continue this later.

We explain how to set up a lock screen later on in this guide.


The Google Assistant answers questions and performs simple tasks like scheduling appointments, messaging your contacts and more. To set it up, press Next.


To work best, the Google Assistant needs certain permissions. First, you will be asked to give location permission which helps your Assistant find things which are nearby.

Press Yes, I'm in to continue.

P20 Pro setup 21
P20 Pro setup 22
P20 Pro setup 23

Voice Match makes it easier for the Google Assistant to recognise your commands. Tap Get started to begin teaching your phone, or tap Skip to set this up later.


Finally, give the assistant permission to see the apps, images and text that appear on your phone screen. This helps your phone answer questions like "what is this?", and is super helpful. Tap Next to continue.


You've finished setting up your Huawei P20. Tap Get started to begin using your smartphone.

Connecting to the internet


Lots of apps, especially social media ones, need access to the internet. These steps will help you stay connected.

Connecting to Wi-Fi

P20 Pro wifi 1
P20 Pro wifi 2
P20 Pro wifi 3
P20 Pro wifi 4

Swipe your finger down from the top of the screen, then press and hold your finger on the Wi-Fi button to go straight to the Wi-Fi settings.


Make sure Wi-Fi is turned on by tapping the switch at the top, then tap your network name from the list.


Enter your Wi-Fi password and press Connect to join the Wi-Fi network.


If you entered the correct password, your network will say Connected below it. You can connect to more than one network at a time, so you might see other networks appear on this list.

Setting up Mobile Internet

P20 Pro internet 1
P20 Pro internet 2
P20 Pro internet 3
P20 Pro internet 4

If your mobile internet isn't working straight away, swipe down from the top of the screen. Press and hold your finger on the Mobile Data button.


Make sure Mobile Data is turned on. If you're still having problems with your internet, press Access Point Name.


On this page, you'll find the settings for your mobile network. Make sure your network is listed on the screen.


Tap the three dots in the top-right corner and choose Reset to default to switch to your default internet settings. This will fix most mobile internet problems on your phone.

That's all there is to it. If your mobile data doesn't seem to be coming on, you might need to put some manual settings in. Don't panic - we've got internet settings for all the most common networks.

Adding your email accounts


If you've got more than one email account, you'll want to know how to set them up on your Huawei P20 Pro. These steps will help.

P20 Pro email accounts 1
P20 Pro email accounts 2
P20 Pro email accounts 3
P20 Pro email accounts 4

Open the Settings menu, then choose Users & accounts.


Tap Add account.



Choose what type of account to add. For most email accounts, you can use Personal (IMAP) to receive emails through the Gmail app. If you have any issues, try setting up as Exchange instead.


Type in the email address and press Next.

P20 Pro email accounts 5
P20 Pro email accounts 6
P20 Pro email accounts 7

Type in the password for the account, then press Sign in.


If your email address and password were correct, you can now choose your account options. Pick how often your phone searches for new emails or turn off notifications here.


Set an account name that will appear on your sent emails, then press Next to complete the setup.

If it doesn't set up automatically, you might need some manual settings. We've covered that in our guide to email server settings.

Setting up lock screen security


Protecting your phone is important because you'll want to keep your information safe. These steps will help you get secure.

P20 Pro lock screen 1
P20 Pro lock screen 2
P20 Pro lock screen 3
P20 Pro lock screen 4

Go to Settings and tap on Security & Privacy.


Tap Fingerprint ID to set up lock screen security.


To set up a fingerprint lock, first you need to set a pass code. Choose something memorable so you won't forget it. For this guide, we're using a PIN.


Enter a PIN, which can be between 4 and 16 digits.

P20 Pro lock screen 5
P20 Pro lock screen 6
P20 Pro lock screen 7
P20 Pro lock screen 8

On the next page, confirm your PIN. This makes sure you entered it correctly. Press OK to continue.


Tap New fingerprint to start saving your fingerprint to the phone.


Fingerprints are quicker to unlock your phone with, but not as secure as a PIN or password. Press OK to confirm you understand.


Find the fingerprint sensor at the bottom of your phone, then lift and press your finger or thumb to the button until you reach 100%. Press OK when you're ready to finish.

How to download apps from the Play Store


Downloading apps to your Huawei P20 Pro is done through the Google Play Store, which has millions of different apps and games you can install. We've got a whole guide to downloading apps to help you out.

Making calls


Use these steps to start chatting on your P20 Pro.

P20 Pro calls 1
P20 Pro calls 2
P20 Pro calls 3
P20 Pro calls 4
Open the Phone app from your Home screen. Press the Dialler button in the top-left corner to dial a number. Type a phone number and your contacts will appear at the top.

Dial a number and any matching contacts will appear at the top. Tap on a contact to call them.


Use the number pad to write out a contact's name and they will also appear at the top of the screen. Tap on a contact to call them.


Press the Contacts tab to see a full list of your contacts. Tap on one to call them.

Sending texts and picture messages


Texts are a quick way to get in touch with your friends and family. Follow these steps to send text and picture messages from your Huawei P20.

P20 Pro Send Texts 1
P20 Pro Sending Texts 2
P20 Pro Sending Texts 3
P20 Pro Sending Texts 4

Open Messenger from the Home screen and you will see your message inbox. Tap the blue + icon to compose your message.


Search through your contacts and tap on one to send them a message, or type their name in the search box at the top of the screen to find them quickly.


Write your message and press the pink arrow to send it.


To add an attachment like a photo, tap the + icon to the left of your message and tap on an image from your phone.

You can choose from emojis on the top row, stickers on the middle row and photos from your phone on the bottom row.

Deleting a message thread

A 'message thread' is all the messages sent between you and a contact. To delete one:


Open the Messenger app.


Press and hold the thread you want to delete, until a tick shows next to it.


Tap the bin icon at the top to delete it.

Sending emails and attachments


Follow these steps to send an email from your Huawei smartphone.

Sending an email

P20 Pro Sending Emails 1
P20 Pro Sending Emails 2
P20 Pro Sending Emails 3
P20 Pro Sending Emails 4

Open the Gmail app from your Apps list. You'll see your email inbox, and a red compose button in the bottom-right corner of the screen. Tap it to start a new email.


Enter the email address of the person you want to send the email to. If the person is in your address book, you can write their name and tap on the contact when it appears.


Enter a subject for your email and write out your message.


To add an attachment, press the three dots in the top-right corner of the screen. Tap Attach file.

P20 Pro attachment 1
P20 Pro attachments 2

Scroll through the list of files on your phone and tap the one you want to attach.


Once your file is attached and your email is written, tap the arrow at the top-right to send it.

Setting alarms


You can easily add alarms to make sure you get up at the right time on the right days.

P20 Pro Setting alarms 1
P20 Pro Setting alarms 2
P20 Pro Setting alarms 3
P20 Pro Setting alarms 4

Tap on the Clock, which is on your home screen. Press the Alarm tab in the top-left to see your alarm settings. Press the blue + button to create a new alarm.


Swipe your finger up and down the hours to pick the hour your alarm should go off.


Drag your finger to the Minute you want the alarm to go off. Press the Blue tick to save your new alarm.


Your alarm will now appear in the alarms list. Any alarm with a blue switch will go off at their set time.

Hopefully that should be everything you need to know about using your phone, but if you'd like any extra help, you can get in touch with our Team Knowhow Experts here.

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