Kit Guide: Using a HTC U11


This guide will help you get to know your HTC U11 better, and how to use some of the basics.


Making phone calls


This is how to make calls on the HTC U11.

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From your Home screen, press the phone icon.


You'll be taken to the dial pad where you can type in a number, then press Call at the bottom.


You can also type in a persons name and tap their number when it comes up. Then you can press Call.


Use the tabs at the top to look through your contacts or favourites instead.

Sending texts & multimedia messages (MMS)


These steps will help you with sending text and picture messages.

Sending texts

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On your Home screen, press the Messaging icon (it's the two speech bubbles).


Write a new message by pressing the + in the bottom-right corner.


Put the persons name or mobile number in the 'To' box at the top.


Write your message in the 'Add text' box, then when you're done press the right arrow to send it.

Sending attachments & multimedia messages (MMS)

This is how to add pictures and other files to your texts.

mms 1
mms 2
mms 3
mms 4

Write a text message, then press the paperclip on the left.


Choose what type of attachment you're adding.


Pick where you'll find your attachment. You can take a new picture or video by choosing Camera.


You'll see a preview of the attachment added to your message. When you're finished with it, press the right arrow to send it.

Deleting a message thread

Messages to the same person/people are saved in a conversation known as a 'message thread'. To delete a full conversation, open your Inbox and find the one you want to get rid of. Press and hold on it, and a box will pop up with some options. Choose delete, and the conversation will be gone.

Sending emails


Here's how to send emails on the U11.

Sending an email

emails 1
emails 2
emails 3
emails 4

Open your email inbox, then press the pen icon in the bottom-right corner to write a new one.


In the 'To' box, write the persons email address.


Add a subject to the 'Subject' box if you want.


Write your email in the 'Compose email' box, then when you're ready, press the white arrow at the top to send it.

Adding an attachment

This is how to add pictures and other files to your emails.

attachments 1
attachments 2
attachments 3

Write out your email, then press the paperclip at the top.


Choose Attach file or Insert from Drive depending on where your file is.


Look through and pick what you want to add to the email. You'll see a preview of it under your message when you've chosen. Press the white arrow at the top when you're ready to send it.

Setting alarms


Using your phone as an alarm clock is something a lot of people will do, so here's how to do it.

alarms 1
alarms 2
alarms 3
alarms 4

Open the Clock app from your Home screen.


Choose the Alarms tab at the top, then press the + to set a new one.


Slide the numbers until the time you want it set, then press Done.


Your new alarm will be shown in the list, and it'll be turned on.

You can customise other bits of the alarm, like the tone or the days it repeats. If you want to turn the alarm off, just untick the box next to it.


You should be more familair with using your HTC U11 now, but if you need any more help, get in touch with Team Knowhow here.

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