Kit guide: HTC One A9s - setting it up


We've written this guide to take you through setting up your HTC One A9s. It covers all of the important things you need to do before you can start using it, and explains anything that might not make sense along the way.

Box contents


When you open the box you'll find these things inside.

  • HTC One A9s
  • USB mains adaptor
  • USB cable
  • Wired headphones
  • Spare set of headphone earbuds
  • Information pack

Inserting your SIM & memory cards


The first thing you need to do is install the SIM card. If you're using a MicroSD memory card to increase the phone's storage, have it ready as it slots in just below the SIM.

htc one a9s insert sim

Use your fingernail to prise the cover off the left-hand side of the phone.


Pull the tray out of the top slot and place the SIM card into it. The metal contacts should be facing way from the screen.


Slide your MicroSD card into the space below the SIM if you have one. 


Replace the cover, making sure that it's secure around the edges.

Completing the One A9s Setup Wizard


The Setup Wizard takes you through adding your details and accounts to your new phone, and getting it set up ready to use.

htc one a9s setup 1
htc one a9s setup 2
htc one a9s setup 3
htc one a9s setup 4

Choose your language, then press Start.


Agree to the 'Terms of Use' (you can tap the link to read them if you like), then press the down arrow.


Tap Learn more to read HTC's data collection policy. Tap Next to move on.


You might be asked to pick your service provider from a list, just tap your network followed by Next.

htc one a9s setup 5
htc one a9s setup 6
htc one a9s setup 7
htc one a9s setup 8

Tap the name of the Wi-Fi network you want to connect to. You can skip this, but you'll use some of your mobile data allowance to download any updates. It can use quite a lot, so use Wi-Fi if you can.


Enter the password and tap Connect (you can find the password on the router).


'Connected' will light up under the network name. Make sure Mobile Data is ticked, then tap Next to continue.


Tap OK on the 'Use mobile data' screen.

htc one a9s setup 9
htc one a9s setup 10
htc one a9s setup 12

If you already have a Google account, enter your email address. If you don't, tap Create a new account.


Enter your password (or complete the form if you're creating an account). Tap Next.


Accept the 'Terms of Service' and 'Privacy Policy', then press Next.


Your Google account can power background services to back up your handset, files and app data, and track your location to make searches relevant to where you are. It will also feed back information about problems you have with your Android device to improve the software for everyone.

htc one a9s setup 13
htc one a9s setup 14
htc one a9s setup 15
htc one a9s setup 16

Scroll through these services options using the down arrow at the bottom of the screen, unticking any of the boxes to opt out of that particular service.


Press Next when you're happy with your choices.


If you haven't done it before, you'll be asked to add a payment method to you Google account. This makes paying for apps and media easier, but you don't have to if you don't want to. Tap one or choose Remind me later to skip it. Press Continue


Select any of the apps Google recommends: 

  • Google Keep: is an online notebook that stores reminders, lists, and notes that you can share between devices and friends.
  • Google Sheets: is a spreadsheet app that lets you create and edit documents.
  • Google Slides: lets you work on presentations away from your computer.

Tick the boxes to activate them then tap Next to continue.

htc one a9s setup 17
htc one a9s setup 18
htc one a9s setup 19
htc one a9s setup 20

Check the data and time are correct. If your phone's online they should be, but if they're not, correct them and press Next


Tap Set up fingerprint. You can skip it if you like, but a fingerprint is one of the most secure ways to lock your phone, so it's a good idea to set it up.


First, choose an alternative backup way to unlock your phone.


Choose whether to enable 'Secure startup'. If you're likely to ever forget the PIN/password you entered earlier, select No, thanks, as you won't be able to turn your phone on without it.

htc one a9s setup 21
htc one a9s setup 22
htc one a9s setup 23
htc one a9s setup 24

Decide how notifications appear on the screen when the phone's locked, and press Next


Tap Start or place your finger on the scanner (it's just below the bottom of the screen).


Lift and move your finger around the sensor. You will notice the percentage meter increasing as you do this.


Repeat the process until the meter reaches 100%.

htc one a9s setup 26
htc one a9s setup 27
htc one a9s setup 28

Add another fingerprint or tap Done to save it and move on. 


Name your phone and the boxes next to any features you want to use. Tap Next to carry on.


Tap any HTC apps you like the sound of, and press Finish to complete the setup.


You will now see your Home screen. This is the screen you will always return to when tapping the home button at the bottom of the screen.

Touchscreen buttons

At the bottom of the screen are three icons that always do the same things. 

  • Back (left): takes you back one screen
  • Home (middle): jumps to the Home screen
  • Menu (right): show all recently used apps

Setting up new email accounts


Your Gmail account was automatically set up when you added your Google account, but you need to add any other email accounts separately. These steps work with Hotmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and most other free email accounts.

htc one a9s emails 1
htc one a9s email 2
htc one a9s email 3
htc one a9s email 4

Swipe down from the top of the screen and tap the cog.


Scroll down to the Personal section and tap Accounts & sync.


Press Add account.


Tap Personal (IMAP).

htc one a9s emails 5
htc one a9s email 6
htc one a9s email 7
htc one a9s email 8

Enter your email address and tap Next.


Type your password and press Sign in.


Allow the phone access to your email account.


Tap Next to finish adding your account.

Securing the HTC One A9s with a lock screen


Your A9s has a lot of valuable information on it, and will likely be signed into accounts inside various apps to give you quick access to your data; Email, social media and file sharing apps to name but a few. The best way to keep all of this data from prying eyes is to secure your A9s with a PIN or Password, and you can unlock it easily by using your fingerprint. Read on to discover how!

htc one a9s lock screen 1
htc one a9s lock screen 2
htc one a9s lock screen 3
htc one a9s lock screen 4

Swipe down from the top of the screen, then tap on the cog icon to access your settings menu.


Scroll down the settings menu and tap on Security. If you want to use fingerprint unlocking, you'll need to set up the screen lock as a backup anyway, so tap Screen lock.


Choose what type of unlock method you'd like to use by tapping Pattern, PIN or Password, and then entering it where indicated. You will need to enter your chosen method twice to show that you remember it.


You can protect your phone with a lock screen from the moment it turns on, by ticking require PIN to start device. This can be too protective, especially if you forget your PIN or password. If you are unsure if you will remember your PIN, choose No, thanks.

htc one a9s lock screen 5
htc one a9s lock screen 6
htc one a9s lock screen 7
htc one a9s lock screen 8

When the screen is locked, notifications show you when you've received emails, messages and more. You can choose to Show all notification content, Hide sensitive content (you'll see you've received a message for example, but not the message itself) or Don't show notifications. Tap to select your preference, then tap Next.


To use fingerprint unlocking, you will need to register at least one print on your A9s. To start this, tap Fingerprint scanner.


To get started, tap Add fingerprint.


The next screen invites you to touch the fingerprint scanner to get started, so hold your finger against the Home button.

htc one a9s lock screen 9
htc one a9s lock screen 10
htc one a9s lock screen 11
htc one a9s lock screen 12

The illustration on screen shows you how to line up your chosen finger to scan the print. Tap the home button again to get started.


Place your finger or thumb onto the scanner, removing it every time you feel a vibration before replacing it again. You will need to do this several times before your print is fully captured and when it has been, you will see a screen advising you that you can scan your print when you see the displayed icon instead of using a password. Tap Done to dismiss this.


If you wish to rename your print, tap the line with its name on and edit the name. To add more prints, tap Add fingerprint.


When you're happy, tap the Home button to return to the home screen. You're now ready to try out fingerprint unlocking!

You're always welcome to contact us about anything. You can find out how to reach us here.

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