Kit Guide: HTC Desire 530 - setting it up


When you first get your phone, or if it's been factory reset, you'll need to set it up. We've written this guide to help you through the steps.

1. Box contents


These are the things you'll find in the box:

  • HTC Desire 530
  • USB mains adaptor
  • USB cable
  • Wired headphones (with spare earbuds)
  • Information pack (with SIM tool)

2. Inserting your SIM & memory cards


The first thing you need to do is get your SIM card into your phone. The slot for it is down the left-hand side of the phone, and you'll need to put your fingernail into the gap at the top to open it. There's two slots in here, one for your SIM and one for the memory card. The top slot has a tray inside it for your SIM, so slide it out using your fingernail. Put the SIM in the slot with the gold contacts facing the back of the phone, then slide the tray back into place.

HTC Desire 530 SIM

The memory card (if you've got one) needs to go in the lower slot. It doesn't have a tray, so you can slide the memory card into the slot with the gold contacts facing the back of the phone. You'll feel it click into place.

3. Completing the HTC Setup Wizard


Setting it up

The 'Setup Wizard' is a series of steps your phone needs to go through to make sure it's set up properly. This guide will help you get your phone ready for use.

While you're going through the steps, a box might pop up asking you to choose your mobile network. Just tap the name of your provider, then tap OK and the Setup Wizard will continue automatically.

HTC Desire 530 Setup 1
HTC Desire 530 Setup 2
HTC Desire 530 Setup 3
HTC Desire 530 Setup 4

Turn your HTC on by pressing and holding the power button on the right-hand side. You can let go when the phone vibrates.


The first screen of the Setup Wizard says 'Welcome' and asks you to choose a language. It should be set to 'English (United Kingdom)' already, but you can tap on it and pick a different one if you want. Press Start when you've chosen.


You'll have to agree to the 'Terms of use', press the down arrow to see the rest of the information, then tap Next.


It's usually at this point that you'll need to pick your mobile network, but don't worry if your phone seems to skip this screen. Pick a network, then press Next.

HTC Desire 530 Setup 5
HTC Desire 530 Setup 6
HTC Desire 530 Setup 7
HTC Desire 530 Setup 8

Next is connecting to Wi-Fi. You can skip this step, but we don't recommend it because there's some apps and data that need to be downloaded, and we don't want you to use all your data on it. Tap the name of your Wi-Fi network, then type in the password. If you don't know it, it'll be on a sticker on your router. Tap Connect when you've done it.


If it's worked, you'll see the word 'Connected' under the name of your network. Tap Next.


If you left the box next to 'Mobile network' ticked, you'll be asked if you're sure you want to leave it on. If you do, press OK, but if you want to turn it off, tap Cancel and you'll be able to untick the box before continuing.


It's time to sign-in to Google. If you don't have a Google account already, tap Or create a new account and make one. You'll need one to be able to download apps, so it's best to do it now. If you've already got one, type in your Google email address and tap Next.

HTC Desire 530 Setup 9
HTC Desire 530 Setup 10
HTC Desire 530 Setup 11
HTC Desire 530 Setup 12

Type in your Google password, then press Next.


Google has it's own terms and conditions for using the account, so tap Accept to agree and sign-in.


You don't have to agree to 'Google services', but we think it's a good idea if you do because it helps Google to fix any problems. Press the down arrow to see the other options, and then press Next.


The last part of setting up your Google account it payment info. It asks for this because not everything in the Play Store is free. Pick an option, or choose No, thanks. Press Continue when you've decided.

HTC Desire 530 Setup 13
HTC Desire 530 Setup 14
HTC Desire 530 Setup 15
HTC Desire 530 Setup 16

If you've used your Google account on an Android phone or tablet before, you'll be given the option to restore backed up information. Tap the down arrow under 'Restore from this backup' and choose one, or choose Set up as new device. Tap Next.


Google likes to be able to check for problems and bugs. If you want to let them do this, tap Accept, otherwise press Decline.


Now you'll be asked to set the time and date. If any of them are wrong, tap them to change them. When you've done it, press Next.

HTC Desire 530 Setup 17
HTC Desire 530 Setup 18
HTC Desire 530 Setup 19

Protecting your phone with a lock screen is the next step. We do recommend that you have one, but it can be a pain to keep unlocking it while you're still doing the setup, so we'd suggest pressing Skip for now.


Next you can personalise your phone by giving it a name and choosing which things you'd like to share. Scroll through the options and when you've chosen, press Finish to complete the Setup Wizard.

Touchscreen buttons

In the bottom-middle of the Home screen, you'll seen an icon that looks like a grid of dots. This is the 'Apps' button and you'll use it quite often to get into all the apps in your phone.

At the bottom of the screen are some touch buttons. Here's what they do.

'Home' (middle icon - looks like a house): pressing this takes you back to the Home screen from anywhere in the phone.

'Back' (arrow pointing back): press to go back one screen.

'Recent apps' (square): shows all the apps you've had open recently.

4. Connecting to the Internet


Connecting the Desire 530 to a Wi-Fi network

If you didn't connect to Wi-Fi in the Setup, or if you want to connect to a different network, we've written some instructions to help you out.

HTC Desire 530 WiFi 1
HTC Desire 530 WiFi 2
HTC Desire 530 WiFi 3
HTC Desire 530 WiFi 4

Open the Wi-Fi settings by tapping Apps > Settings > Wi-Fi.


At the top, make sure the Wi-Fi switch is turned on. Tap it if it isn't.


Press the name of your Wi-Fi network in the list, and then type in your password when the box pops up. If you're not sure what it is, it should be written on a sticker on your router. Tap Connect when you've typed it in.

You'll go back to the list of networks, and it'll say connected under your network name to show that it's worked.

Turning mobile data on or off

Mobile data lets you go on the internet when there's no Wi-Fi available. Knowing how to turn it on and off is helpful because it means you can manage your data usage and stop yourself from running up a bill.

HTC Desire 530 setup 19
HTC Desire 530 Internet 1

Press Apps > Settings and under 'Wireless and networks', you'll see 'Mobile data'.


There's a switch to the right-hand side. All you need to do is tap it to turn data on or off.

If you're struggling to get connected to mobile data, have a look at our guide on connecting manually here.

5. Setting up new email accounts


You can add all different types of email accounts to the HTC Desire 530, meaning you can keep up to date with your emails in one place. We've written some information to help you get them set up.

If you're adding a work or education email, you'll need to choose 'Exchange' as the account type. For all other personal types of email, you'll just need to choose whether you want them to go to the 'Mail' app (a white envelope with a blue accent) or to the 'Gmail' app (a white envelope with a red M).

Setting up email

HTC Desire 530 Email Account 1
HTC Desire 530 Email Account 2
HTC Desire 530 Email Account 3
HTC Desire 530 Email Account 4

Tap Apps > Settings Accounts & sync. You'll see a list of any accounts you've already added here.


To add a new account, press the + icon at the top.


Tap one of the icons to choose what type of account you want to add. We'd always recommend choosing an 'IMAP' account, no matter which app you choose.


When you've picked one, you'll need to type in the email address and password for it. Tap Next when you've finished.

HTC Desire 530 Email Account 7
HTC Desire 530 Email Account 8

You can choose how often you want your emails to come through and look at other options by pressing the down arrow. When you're happy with your choices, tap Next.


The account is now added to the list. You can add more, or press the Home button if you're done.

If you're having trouble setting up your email, you can try doing it manually. Go to our guide to email server settings for help with it.

6. Setting up a lock screen


It's important to protect the information in your phone, and one of the easiest ways to do it is with a lock screen. It means that other people can't just go into your phone if they pick it up. We've written the steps below to help you with it.

HTC Desire 530 Lock Screen 1
HTC Desire 530 Lock Screen 2
HTC Desire 530 Lock Screen 3
HTC Desire 530 Lock Screen 4

Go to the lock screen settings by pressing Apps > Settings > Security > Screen lock.


Choose the type of screen lock you'd like to use. The most secure options are 'Pin' or 'Password' so we'd recommend choosing one of these.


Type in your new Pin or Password, and then type it in once more to confirm it.


Once that's done, you get to choose what you can see while your phone is locked. Make your choices and then press Done.

You should be ready to go with your phone now, but if you need any extra help, you can get in touch with a Team Knowhow Expert here.

Using your HTC Desire 530

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