Kit Guide: HP Elite x3 - using it


In this guide we'll cover the essentials of using your phone, from making calls and sending texts to setting the alarm.

1. Making phone calls


Making phone calls is what your HP Elite x3 does best, and the steps below will get you started in no time.

If you have the dual SIM version of the HP Elite x3, you'll see a phone dialler and messaging app for each SIM card. They've got the numbers 1 and 2 beside them (corresponding to the numbers on the SIM tray). If you're only using one SIM in the phone, you should always use Phone (1).

HP Elite x3 phone calls 1

Tap the Phone app on the Home screen.


Tap the tabs at the top or swipe across the screen to see the following options.

  • History - this shows a list of all the calls you've made and received
  • Speed dial - pin contacts here for fast access by tapping the + at the bottom
  • Dial pad - use this to type a number to call

At the bottom of the screen are shortcuts to access Voicemail, your Contact list, and to Search.


When you have a contact's details onscreen, tap their name to call them.

HP Elite x3 phone calls 2

On the dial pad, type a number or a contact's name (using the letters on the keypad) and any matching contacts will show - tap their name to call them.


The menu button (three dots) gives you extra options including managing blocked calls, and access to the Settings menu to change vibration and text reply settings.

2. Sending texts & multimedia messages (MMS)


This section of the guide will show you how to send text and picture messages from the HP Elite x3.

If you're using two SIMs in the dual SIM version of the phone, you'll see two messaging apps numbered to match the SIM tray locations. Make sure you open the right app to find the messages you're looking for.


Sending a SMS text message

HP Elite x3 sms 1
HP Elite x3 sms 2
HP Elite x3 sms 3
HP Elite x3 sms 4

Open the Messaging app on the Home screen (if you have unread messages, you'll see a number beside the icon).


To reply to a message, tap the conversation. To create a new message, tap the + at the bottom of the screen.


If it's a new text, tap the To: box and start to type a name or mobile number. You might see suggestions that match the person you want to text - tap their name to pick them.


Write your message, then tap the blue send icon beside the text box.

Sending an MMS picture message


Set up the text as shown above, then follow these extra steps to attach a picture (or something else) to your message:

HP Elite x3 mms 1
HP Elite x3 mms 2
HP Elite x3 mms 3
HP Elite x3 mms 4

To add an attachment tap the paperclip icon next to the message box, then pick what you want to send.


Go through the files on your phone to find the item you want to attach, and tap on it to choose it. When you've chosen everything you want to attach, tap the tick at the bottom.


The items you picked will be shown in your message. Tap the send button to send it.

Deleting a conversation

To delete a conversation, touch and hold on the person's name in the list, then tap Delete.

3. Sending emails


Before you can send emails, you'll need to have the account set up on your phone. If you haven't added it already, our Setup guide will help you do this.


Sending an email

HP Elite x3 send emails 1
HP Elite x3 send emails 2
HP Elite x3 send emails 3
HP Elite x3 send emails 4

Open the Outlook app from the device Home screen.


Tap the + button at the bottom of the screen.


Tap the To: box, and type a contact's name or email address. Suggestions might show as you type, tap one to choose them.


Type a subject for the email in the Subject: box.


Tap in the main window and type your message.


Send the email by tapping the arrow.

Sending attachments by email


HP Elite x3 send emails 5
HP Elite x3 send emails 6
HP Elite x3 send emails 7
HP Elite x3 send emails 8

Set up the email as described above, then tap the paperclip icon.


Choose where to look for your file, then go through your phone to find it. Tap to pick a file.


When you've finished choosing, tap the tick at the bottom to attach the files.


Send the email by tapping the arrow.

4. Setting alarms


You can set as many alarms as you like on the Elite x3, so work and school days can be earlier (or later) starts than weekends, for example. We'll teach you how to set one up, and change all the options.

HP Elite x3 alarms 1
HP Elite x3 alarms 2
HP Elite x3 alarms 3
HP Elite x3 alarms 4

Swipe across to open the Apps, then tap on Alarms & Clock.


Existing alarms will show onscreen, you can tap one to edit it or tap the + at the bottom to set a new one.


Set the alarm time by scrolling through the hours and minutes, then tap the tick.


Tap the Alarm name box to give it a useful name.

HP Elite x3 alarms 5
HP Elite x3 alarms 6
HP Elite x3 alarms 7
HP Elite x3 alarms 8

Tap Repeats to choose which days the alarm will sound.


Sound lets you change the alarm tone or melody.


Tap Snooze time to set the amount time the snooze function will wait before playing the alarm sound again.


Tap the save icon (floppy disk) to save and set the alarm.


Switches control which alarms sound - tap the switch to toggle an alarm on/off


To delete an alarm, touch and hold on it then tap Delete.

5. Tips


To finish off our guide we've put together a few tips to help you make the most of your new phone.


Extending battery life

The more you use your phone, the faster the battery will run down. Here are a few ideas to help you get the most from each charge:

  • To quit an app, use the back button to close it completely - going back to the Home screen using the Windows button leaves the app running in the background.
  • Shorten the time taken for the screen to turn off. Tap Settings Personalisation > Lock screen > Screen times out after and choose 30 seconds or less.
  • Reduce the screen brightness. Tap Settings > System > Display and use the slider to lower the brightness level.
  • Turn off Bluetooth when you aren't using it. Tap Settings > Devices > Bluetooth and tap the switch.

If you're still close to running out of power, you can use the Battery saver. This stops background activity like checking for email to keep the phone working for longer. Tap Settings > System > Battery saver and tap the switch to turn it on.


Customise the colour scheme


The standard colour scheme of the Elite x3 might not be to everyone's taste, so to change it head to Settings > Personalisation > Colours.

You can choose between Dark and Light modes which will give the background and menus either a black or white colour. You can then pick any of 49 accent colours, which controls the colour of Home screen tiles, app buttons and switches, links and new messages.

You can also have the navigation bar (the bar at the bottom of the phone with the Back, Home and Search icons on it) the same colour as your accent colour.

Using the notification bar


HP Elite x3 Tips 3
HP Elite x3 Tips 4

The notification bar is at the top of the phone screen and is the phone's way of telling you something has happened, like a new email or message arriving. Notifications show as small icons on the left of the bar, to see more details about them swipe down from the top of the screen.

Touch one of the notifications and the app will open showing you the new item. For example, tapping a text message will take you to that message in the Messaging app, or tapping a missed call will take you to your call history.

There are also quick settings buttons which you can tap to turn things like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Mobile data, or the Torch on or off.

Hopefully we've helped you learn a bit more about your phone, but if you'd like some extra help from a Team Knowhow Expert you can get in touch with us here.

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