Kit Guide: Huawei Honor 6X - using it


Now that your Huawei Honor 6X is set up, we'll help you with the basics, like making calls, sending texts, and setting the alarm.

1. Making phone calls


Making calls is one of the core features of the Honor 6X. These few steps will show you how.

Making calls 1
Making calls 2
Making calls 3
Making calls 4

Tap the Phone icon on the Home screen. The app will open on the 'Dialler' tab, type a number and tap the green Call button.


Type a contact's name (the numbers have letters below them) to see suggestions as you type - tap one to call them.


Tap the Contacts tab to look through your contacts list.


The 'Favourites' tab lets you see contacts you've set as Favourites.

2. Sending texts & multimedia messages (MMS)


Learn how to send texts and add attachments (like pictures) in a few short steps.


Sending texts

Sending texts 1
Sending texts 3
Sending texts 4

Tap the Messaging icon on the Home screen.


Tap a conversation to reply to a message you've been sent, or tap New message to start a fresh conversation.


Type a mobile number or a contact's name. Suggestions will pop-up as you type, tap one to choose it.


Type your message, then tap the Send arrow.

Sending attachments & multimedia messages (MMS)

Sending an MMS message
Sending an MMS message 2
Sending an MMS message 3

To add an attachment like a picture or sound recording, tap the + on the left of the text box.


Pick the type of attachment you want to send, then go through the folders in your phone to find it. Tap the item to attach it to your message.


Finish writing your message, then tap Send.

Deleting a message thread

Deleting a message thread

Touch and hold on a conversation to choose it. Tick any others you want to delete at the same time, then tap the bin at the bottom of the screen. You'll have to confirm it on the next screen.

3. Sending emails


Before you can send emails, you'll need the account set up on your phone. Our Setup guide will help you get it done if you're stuck.


Sending an email

Sending emails 1
Sending emails 2
Sending emails 3
Sending emails 4

Open the Email app, and when you see your inbox, tap the red compose button at the bottom.


Tap the To line and type the name or email address of a contact. Any matching contacts will pop-up, tap a suggestion to pick them.


Fill in a Subject then tap into the main window.


Type your email, then tap the arrow on the menu bar to send it.

Adding an attachment

Adding an attachment 1
Adding an attachment 2
Adding an attachment 3
Adding an attachment 4

To add an attachment, tap the paperclip on the menu bar.


Tap Attach file if the item you want is stored on your phone, or tap Insert from Drive if it's stored online in Google Drive.


Go through the folders, and tap the file to choose it.


When you've finished attaching files, tap the arrow to send your email.

4. Setting alarms


You can have multiple alarms set on the Honor 6X, and in this section of the guide we'll show you how to manage them.

Setting an alarm 1
Setting an alarm 2
Setting an alarm 3
Setting an alarm 4

Tap the clock on your home screen, or swipe to the apps and tap Clock. When the app opens, tap the Alarm tab at the top.


To set a new alarm tap the + icon at the bottom.


Scroll through the hours and minutes to pick the time.


Change the options if you need to:

  • Repeat: Set an alarm to sound on multiple days
  • Ringtone: Choose which sound you want to hear
  • Label: Give each alarm a custom name

When you've set all the options, tap the tick at the top to save and set the alarm.


Tap the switches to set or unset the alarms.


To delete an alarm, touch and hold on one of the alarm lines, then tap the red - icon.

5. Tips


Now you're getting the hang of using your phone, here are a couple of extra features to help you get the most out of it.


Viewing your phone more comfortably

Using a brightly-lit smartphone at night can often make your eyes tired, so you can use a filter to make the screen a softer, warmer colour. Tap Settings > Display > Eye Comfort to turn this on, or set a timer so it happens automatically.

Changing the settings
Changing the settings 2
Changing the settings 3

To change the colour manually, go to the Display menu and choose Colour temperature. Drag your finger around the colour wheel until you find a colour you like, then tap OK.


Keeping your Honor 6X running smoothly

The Honor 6X has a handy 'Phone Manager' app to help you keep your phone running smoothly

Keeping your phone clear

Swipe across to the apps and tap Phone Manager.


Tap Scan to start the test. The screen shows how well your phone is doing (it's a percentage, so higher numbers means it’s performing well).


If the circle is orange instead of blue, tapping it will clean the phone automatically.


There are also options to customise things like Power saving, Notifications, and Networked apps (to stop some apps from connecting to the internet).

Hopefully that should be everything you need to start using your Honor 6X, but if you'd like some extra help you can get hold of our Team Knowhow Experts here.

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