Kit Guide: Caterpillar S60 - using it


This guide will help you to familiarise yourself with some of the main features of your Caterpillar S60, and we'll also show you some more advanced features in our Tips section.

1. Making phone calls


You can make and receive calls using the Phone app, you'll find it in the bottom-left corner of your Home screen.

S60 Calls 1
S60 Calls 2
S60 Calls 3
S60 Calls 4

When the phone app opens, you'll see your most frequently called contacts. If you want to enter a number directly, tap the dialler keypad at the bottom of the screen. Dial a number, then press the green phone icon.

See your call history by tapping the clock icon at the top of the screen, search through all of your contacts by tapping the people Icon.

To call a contact that's already saved onto your phone, just tap the name of the contacts, then tap the green phone icon.

2. Sending texts & multimedia messages (MMS)


In this section, we'll show you how to send text messages, and also add attachments to your texts.

Sending texts

S60 Messsages 1
S60 Messsages 2
S60 Messsages 3
S60 Messsages 4

Open the Messaging app from your Home screen (it looks like a speech bubble).


Tap the new message button in the bottom-right (it's a + in a blue circle), or tap a person's name to reply to them.


If you're sending a new message, enter the contact's name and type your message in the box at the bottom.


Tap the arrow to send your text message.

Sending attachments & multimedia messages (MMS)

S60 Messages 5
S60 Messages 6
S60 Messages 7
S60 Messages 8

Follow steps 1-4 above to get your message ready, and tap the paperclip.


Using the icons at the bottom of the screen, find the item you want to attach, and tap it.


Tap the arrow to send your message with the attachment.

Deleting a message thread

A 'message thread' is a list of all of the messages sent between you and a contact.


Open the Messaging app.


Press and hold on the message thread you want to delete, until a tick appears.


Tap the bin icon at the top to delete the thread.

3. Sending emails


You'll need to have already set up an email account on your phone before you can send any emails. 

Sending an email

S60 Emails 1
S60 Emails 2
S60 Emails 3
S60 Emails 4

Open the Email app from the Home screen and tap the new message button in the bottom-right (it looks like a white pen in a red circle).


Tap the To box, and start typing a person's name (or email address). Suggestions might appear as you type - tap one to choose them, or type in a full email address.


Add a subject, and type your message.


To send your email, tap the white arrow at the top of the screen.

Adding an attachment

After you've followed steps 1-4 above, go through the steps below to add an attachment.

S60 Emails 5
S60 Emails 6
S60 Emails 7
S60 Emails 8

Tap the paperclip at the top of the screen.


Find the item you want to attach. If you're adding images, you might be asked to resize them. This can make it quicker to send your attachment, but the images might not look as good.


Tap the white arrow at the top of the screen to send the email with the attachments.

4. Setting alarms


Alarms can be a really useful feature, and we'll show you how to set them here.

S60 Alarms 1
S60 Alarms 2
S60 Alarms 3
S60 Alarms 4

From your Home screen, open the Clock app.


Tap the Alarm clock icon in the top-left.

S60 Alarms 5
S60 Alarms 6
S60 Alarms 7
S60 Alarms 8

Choose a time using the hour and minute sliders.


Pick the days you want the alarm to sound on.


Using the tabs at the top of the screen, you can change the alarm tone if you want.


Tap Ok to save the alarm.

5. Tips


Now that you're familiar with the basics, we'll take you through some of the special features of the Caterpillar S60.

Programmable Button

The S60 has a programmable orange button on the left-hand edge, that lets you decide its function. You can choose from:

  • PTT mode - this lets you use your phone as a walkie talkie by holding the orange button when you want to talk.
  • Underwater mode - this turns off the touch screen to stop the phone from accidentally picking up touches when using it in wet conditions.
  • Short press/Long press - this lets you set the button to work with a specific function, like turning on the flashlight, or opening a particular app.

You can get to the Programmable Button settings by going to Apps > Settings > Programmable key.

App Toolbox

The S60 is designed as a rugged phone that can survive the kind of treatment that most other phones can't. With this in mind, Caterpillar have put together a collection of apps that you might find useful.

There are apps geared towards farming and construction, as well as outdoor pursuits, like cycling, and hiking.

You'll find a shortcut for the App Toolbox on the phone's Home screen.

Infrared Detector

Caterpillar have added an infrared sensor to the S60, making it the world's first thermal imaging camera. There are lots of useful features for this, like looking for leaks in water systems, finding electrical faults, or identifying problems with machinery.

To open the infrared detector, tap the MyFLIR app on the Home screen. You can change some of the settings (like the range of temperatures displayed) by tapping Mode.

Hopefully that should be all you need to know, but if you want some extra help with your phone, get in touch with our Team Knowhow Experts here.

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