Kit Guide: Caterpillar S30 - using it


Now that your phone's set up, you'll want to start using it. We've written this guide to help you with some of the basics, like making calls, sending texts, and setting alarms.

1. Making phone calls


Let's get started with making phone calls, it's something you'll probably do a lot, and we’ll walk you through it here.

Cat S40 Calls 1
Cat S40 Calls 2
Cat S40 Calls 3
Cat S40 Calls 4

From your Home screen, tap the Phone icon.


You'll see the 'Speed dial' screen first. This is where you'll find your favourite contacts, just tap a contact to call them.


You can also see 'Recent' calls and 'Contacts' by tapping the tabs at the top of the screen.


If you want to dial a number, just tap the blue dialler button at the bottom of the screen (it's a circle with a set of white dots in it). Then enter the number you want to call, and tap the green call button.

2. Sending texts & multimedia messages (MMS)


In this section, we'll help you with sending texts. It's one of the key features of your phone so probably something you'll use a lot.

Sending texts

Cas S30 Messages 1
Cas S30 Messages 2
Cas S30 Messages 3
Cas S30 Messages 4

From your Home screen, tap on the Messaging icon, then tap the + button to write a new message.


Tap the To line, and type a recipient for your message (if it's a contact that's already saved in your phone, you'll see suggestions appear as you type).


Tap into the Type message box, and enter your message.


To send it, just tap the arrow.

Sending attachments & multimedia messages (MMS)

Cat S30 Messages 5
Cat S30 Messages 6
Cat S30 Messages 7
Cat S30 Messages 8

Follow the first 3 steps above to get your message ready, then tap the paperclip.


Find the item you want to attach using the icons, and when you've found it, tap it.


You'll see it in your message. Add some text if you want, and just tap the arrow to send it.

Deleting a message thread

A message thread is all of the texts between you and one of your contacts. You can delete the entire thread if you want by tapping and holding the name of the contact until a tickbox appears, then tapping Delete.

3. Sending emails


Emails are useful if you need to send large attachments, or long messages to people. Here's how to send emails from your Caterpillar S30.

Sending an email

Cat S40 Attach 1
Cat S40 Attach 2
Cat S40 Attach 3
Cat S40 Attach 4

When you open the email app, you'll see your inbox. To write a new message, tap the compose button (it's an orange circle with a white pen on it).


Tap into the To line and enter the recipient for your email (you can add more than one if you want).


Type a subject into the Subject line and type your message into the blank space below the Subject line.


Send your email by tapping the white arrow.

Adding an attachment

Cat S40 Attach 5
Car S40 Attach 6
Car S40 Attach 7
Car S40 Attach 8

Get your message ready by following steps 1 to 4 above, then tap the paperclip icon.


Using the icons, find the file you want to attach. When you've found it, just tap it (you can add more than one attachment if you want).


When you've attached what you want, and added any text, just tap the white arrow to send your email.

4. Setting alarms


Alarms aren't just useful tools for getting you up on the morning, you can also use them as general reminders. Here's how to set alarms on your S30.

Cat S40 Alarms 1
Cat S40 Alarms 2
Cat S40 Alarms 3
Cat S40 Alarms 4

From your Home screen, open your Apps list, and tap the Clock icon.


Tap the + icon to add a new alarm.


Choose the hour and minute by dragging your finger around the clock face. Tap Ok after each.

Cat S40 Alarms 5
Cat S40 Alarms 6
Cat S40 Alarms 7
Cat S40 Alarms 8

Tapping Repeat lets you choose which days you want the alarm to sound.


You can change the ringtone and vibrate settings if you want, and you can also name the alarm by tapping Label.


If you want to turn an alarm on or off, just tap the switch next to it.


To delete an alarm, tap the down arrow on the one you want to delete, then tap the bin icon.

5. App Toolbox


Your Caterpillar S30 comes with something called App Toolbox, which you can open by tapping the shopping cart icon on your Home screen. It gives you access to lots of apps that are geared towards outdoor use, with categories that include 'Health & Fitness', 'Outdoor & Hiking', and 'Tools'. 

Cat App Store 1
Cat App Store 2
Cat App Store 3

If you work in construction, or just like to get out and about, there are plenty of useful apps packed into the Toolbox.

That should be everything you need to know to get going with your Caterpillar S30, but if you need some more help from one of our Team Knowhow Experts, you can contact us here.

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