Kit Guide: Apple iPhone 7 Plus - setting it up


We've created this guide to help you get your new iPhone 7 or 7 Plus set up and working the way you want. It takes you through everything from inserting the SIM to finishing up with a lock screen. 

If you want to restore data from an old iPhone, read our Guide to Restoring from iCloud. Or, it you're switching from an an Android Phone, use our Guide to switching from Android to iPhone.

Download the iPhone user manual

If you need to check the official user manual for your iPhone 7 Plus, you can get it here:

Download manual

1. Box contents


When you open the box, you'll find all this inside:

  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • EarPods
  • Mains plug
  • Lightning to USB cable
  • Lightning to 3.5mm jack adaptor
  • Information pack with SIM removal tool attached
  • SIM removal tool
  • Information pack

2. Inserting your SIM & memory cards


The first step to getting your phone set up is to insert the SIM card. The iPhone 7 Plus uses a Nano-SIM card, which you'll have been given if you took out a pay monthly contract. If you bought the phone 'SIM free', you might need to order a new one, or take your old SIM to get cut down to size. You can get that done at any Carphone Warehouse, Currys, or PC World store. 

Inserting the SIM into your Apple iPhone 7

Take the SIM removal tool out of the information pack (it's the thin metal pin stuck to the back).


Push the thin end into the hole on the right-hand side of the phone.


When the tray pops out, remove it from the phone and place the SIM card onto it (metal contacts facing down).


Slide the tray back into the phone and push it until it clicks.

3. Completing the Setup Assistant


Once your SIM card's installed, you're ready to start setting it up. Hold the Power button down (it's the one above the SIM card tray) until the screen lights up. When it's loaded, the phone takes you through the Setup Assistant. We'll cover all the steps, and explain anything that might not make sense.

Setting it up

iphone 7 setup 1
iphone 7 setup 2
iphone 7 setup 3
iphone 7 setup 4

Press the Home button (it's the one below the screen).


Choose your language.


Pick your Country or Region.


Wait while the languange is set.

iphone 7 setup 5
iphone 7 setup 6
iphone 7 setup 7
iphone 7 setup 8

Pick your home Wi-Fi network from the list. You can use your mobile internet connection to do the set up, but it'll use some of your data allowance, so we'd recommend using Wi-Fi.


Enter the password (you'll find it on a sticker on the router) and tap Join/Enter.


When you're connected, the iPhone will activate and register with Apple. It can take a few minutes, so don't worry if it's taking a while.


Enable or disable the 'Location Services' option - this means the phone can accurately pin-point your location, so it needs to be activated if you want to use Apple Maps. It also makes Google searches more accurate, so if you search for 'petrol stations', you'll see the nearest ones to you.

iphone 7 setup 9
iphone 7 setup 10
iphone 7 setup 11
iphone 7 setup 12

Put your thumb over the Home button to activate 'Touch ID' fingerprint scanning, which you can use to unlock your iPhone and log into accounts. 


Lift and place your finger back on the Home button - it'll start building a scan of your fingerprint.


Do that a few times to let the phone get a full scan of your finger.


Once it's finished its first scan, you'll need to scan the edges of your print too - tap Continue.

iphone 7 setup 13
iphone 7 setup 14
iphone 7 setup 15
iphone 7 setup 16

Scan the edges of your fingerprint so that the phone has a full scan.


When it's done, tap Continue.


Create a backup Passcode for Touch ID (you'll only need to do that if the fingerprint scanner won't recognise you, or if you restart the phone).


The default code is a 6-Digit Numeric Code, but you can tap Passcode options to choose from:

  • 'Custom Alphanumeric Code' - a password that has letters and numbers
  • 'Custom Numeric Code' - a password with only numbers
  • '4-Digit Numeric Code' - a normal PIN number
iphone 7 setup 17
iphone 7 setup 18
iphone 7 setup 19

Type the password or code you want to use.


Re-enter your password to confirm it.


Tap Set up as New iPhone.

Expert Tip: Restoring from iCloud or Moving from Android?

The Apps & Data screen allows you to choose how you want to set up your phone - this guide is about setting it up as a new phone. If you want to restore data from your previous iPhone, or if you're switching from an Android Phone, check out the links at the top of the page.

iphone 7 setup 20
iphone 7 setup 21
iphone 7 setup 23
iphone 7 setup 24

You'll need to sign into an Apple ID if you want to use things like iCloud and Apple Pay, or download any new apps or games from the App Store. If you already have an account, fill in your details and skip to step 31. If you want to create a new account, tap Don't have an Apple ID or forgot it?


Tap Create a Free Apple ID


Put in your date of birth using the sliders, then tap Next.


Put in your name and tap Next.


You'll need an email address to use your Apple ID. To use an email you already have, tap Use your Current email address. If you want to use a new one, tap Get a free iCloud email address.

iphone 7 setup 25
iphone 7 setup 26
iphone 7 setup 27
iphone 7 setup 28

If you're making a new email, type the address you want in to the box, and tap Next.


If the address is available, tap Continue to create it.


Type the password you want to use for your Apple ID, and then type it again in the 'verify' box. Once you've filled in both boxes, tap Next.


Type in your phone number, and then choose how you want to receive your verification code - by text or phone call. Tap Next.

iphone 7 setup 29
iphone 7 setup 30
iphone 7 setup 31
iphone 7 setup 32

You'll get a text or phone call with a 6 digit code - type this into the phone and tap Next.


You'll have to agree to the Terms and Conditions to use the Apple ID. Read through the page and then tap Agree in the bottom-left.


Give the phone a moment to activate the Apple ID.


On the Apple Pay screen, tap Next. (Depending on how you've setup the phone, you might not see this - don't worry, you set it up later in the phone settings).

iphone 7 setup 33
iphone 7 setup 34
iphone 7 setup 35
iphone 7 setup 36

To add a card, put it on a flat surface, and scan it with youe phone's camera. If you don't want to add one yet, tap Set up Later in Wallet.


Your phone should automatically fill in the card number and your name - check they're right and then tap Next.


Check the expiry and security code, then tap Next.


Depending on who you bank with, you might have to agree to their terms and conditions - tap Agree or Accept if you get a message like this.

iphone 7 setup 37
iphone 7 setup 38
iphone 7 setup 39
iphone 7 setup 40

Give the phone a moment to add your card.


You might need to verify the card with your bank - choose how to do this and tap Next. Your bank will then verify the card using your chosen method.


'iCloud Keychain' stores your account passwords and automatically adds them to websites when you want to use them. It works across all your Apple devices too, so you only need to add them once. To use it, tap Continue, or tap Don't use iCloud Keychain if it's not something you want to use.


To use 'Siri', Apple's voice assistant, tap Continue. Or if you don't think you'll need it, tap Don't use Siri.

iphone 7 setup 41
iphone 7 setup 42
iphone 7 setup 43
iphone 7 setup 44

To set up 'Hey Siri', which lets your iPhone listen and respond to you without your needing to touch it, say "Hey Siri". To skip this, tap Set Up "Hey Siri Later


If you're setting it up, say "Hey Siri" again.


Say "Hey Siri" one more time for it to learn your voice.


You'll be asked to say some more phrases so Siri can learn more about your voice.

iphone 7 setup 45
iphone 7 setup 46
iphone 7 setup 47
iphone 7 setup 48

Finish saying the last phrase for Siri to learn your voice.


When 'Hey Siri' is set up, tap Continue.


To share analytics about how you use the phone with Apple, tap Share with Apple, or tap Don't Share.


To share analytics about how you use apps with app developers, tap Share with App Developers, or tap Don't Share.

iphone 7 setup 49
iphone 7 setup 50
iphone 7 setup 51
iphone 7 setup 52

Your iPhone 7 Plus has a new Home button that detects pressure and uses vibration to give the feel of click. You can choose how pressure sensitive the button is - tap Get Started to choose now, or tap Customise Later in Settings.


Press the Home button to test the sensitivity - it starts on level 2.


Tap the 1 or 3 buttons to try out the different options for the Home button, and tap Next  once you've picked the one you like best. 


You can use the phone in either 'Standard' or 'Zoomed' mode. Tap Choose a View.

iphone 7 setup 53
iphone 7 setup 54
iphone 7 setup 55
iphone 7 setup 56

Tap 'Standard' or 'Zoomed' to see the different views, and tap Next when you've decided.


On the last last screen, tap Get Started

That's it - your iPhone 7 Plus is ready to use.


Skipped some steps in the Setup Wizard? Want more info?

If you skipped any bits of the Setup Wizard, like setting up Wi-Fi or a lock screen, we'll show you how to do them all from your Home screen now. Want to know more about any of it? We'll go into a bit more depth, too.

4. Connecting to the Internet


While you probably connected to your home Wi-Fi when you completed the Setup Assistant, you'll need to connect to other Wi-Fi networks sooner or later. These steps show you how.

Connecting the iPhone 7 Plus to Wi-Fi

If you're connecting to a home network, you'll find the Wi-Fi name and password on a sticker on the router. For public networks, you either need to log in when prompted or be given the password by the network's owner.

iPhone connect to wi-fi 1
iPhone connect to wi-fi 2
iPhone connect to wi-fi 3
iPhone connect to wi-fi 4

From the Home screen, tap the Settings icon.


Tap Wi-Fi.


Tap the name of the network you want to connect to.


Type the password and tap Join.

A blue tick will appear next to the name of network when it connects. The status bar at the very top of the screen shows a Wi-Fi icon when the iPhone's connected. When it's not, the mobile network type will be shown instead.


Turning mobile data on or off

Whenever you phone isn't online using Wi-Fi, it connects to the internet using your service provider's mobile network.

If you don't want go over your allowance, you can turn mobile data off using these steps.

iPhone connect to mobile data 1
iPhone connect to mobile data 2
iPhone connect to mobile data 3
iPhone connect to mobile data 4

From the Home screen, tap the Settings icon.


Tap Mobile Data (on some networks, this'll be called 'Cellular Data').


Tap the switch at the top to turn it off.

If you’re having any problems connecting your phone to mobile internet, we have a dedicated guide to help you out here.

5. Adding new email accounts


You can add a few different email accounts to your iPhone. These steps take you through adding personal or work accounts.

iphone 7 setup email 1
iphone 7 setup email 2
iphone 7 setup email 3
iphone 7 setup email 4

From the Home screen, tap the Settings icon.


Scroll down and tap Mail.


Tap Accounts, then tap Add account.

4 .

Choose your email provider from the list, or select 'Other' if it's not shown.

iphone 7 setup email 5
iphone 7 setup email 6
iphone 7 setup email 7
iphone 7 setup email 8

Enter your email address and password, then press Next. Depending on your account settings, you might need to tap Allow or Accept, or provide a code to add the account.


Once the account is added, choose the services you want to use and tap Save. Most accounts will have Mail, Contacts and Calendars, and some might have reminders or notes.


Once the account is saved, it will be listed in your settings.

If you have any trouble adding your account, you might need to put in the 'server settings'. We've written a guide to email server settings, so if you're having any difficulties, we'll get you sorted.

6. Setting up Touch ID & a Passcode


We always recommend protecting your phone with a lock screen. The iPhone 7 Plus supports Touch ID, which allows you to unlock your phone by holding your thumb or finger on the Home button. If you didn’t do it during the initial set up (or if you did and what to add more fingerprints), you can follow the steps below.

iphone 7 touch id passcode 1
iphone 7 touch id passcode 2
iphone 7 touch id passcode 3
iphone 7 touch id passcode 4

From the Home screen, tap on Settings.


Scroll down and tap on Touch ID & Passcode.


Tap Add a Fingerprint...


Put your finger on the Home button and it will start reading your fingerprint.

iphone 7 touch id passcode 5
iphone 7 touch id passcode 6
iphone 7 touch id passcode 7
iphone 7 touch id passcode 8

Lift and replace your finger on the Home button a few more times so it can get a good scan.


After it's got a scan, you'll need to do the edges of your print. Tap Continue.


Lift and replace your finger again, this time getting the edges on the Home button.


When it's done, tap Continue.

iphone 7 touch id passcode 5
iphone 7 touch id passcode 6
iphone 7 touch id passcode 7
iphone 7 touch id passcode 8

You'll need to put in a back-up Passcode for Touch ID, and you'll be asked for it if the scanner doesn't recognise your fingerprint, or when you first turn on the phone. Type in the code you want to use.


Re-type the code again to confirm it.


You might be asked to link the passcode with your Apple ID, so you can reset your password using your phone. To do it, type in your Apple ID password and tap Continue, or tap Cancel to skip it.


When it's finished, you'll see a fingerprint listed in the settings.

Once you've added a fingerprint, you can tap the switches at the top to change what functions Touch ID works with. You can add up to five fingerprints and rename any of them by tapping its name.

You can also change your passcode options by tapping Change passcode. This lets you swap from a 6 digit code to 4 digit or alphanumeric code.

Now that your iPhone is set up, you’re ready to start using it. If you'd like any extra help from Team Knowhow, you can contact us here.

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