Kit Guide: Enabling 2-Step Verification on a Google account


2-Step Verification is a security feature that you can activate on your Google account to make it more secure.

With it turned on, you need to type your password and a randomly-generated code the first time you log into your account on a new device. The secondary code is normally sent to your phone, so you'll need it to hand when signing in.

This guide takes you through setting it up.

Setting up 2-Step Verification


Two Step Verification is turned on through your Google account security settings.

Google 2-step verification


On any device, go to the Google account sign in page.


Sign into your Google account. If you are already signed in, skip to step 4. Type your Gmail address into the box, and click Next.


Type in your password, and then click Sign in.


Click Sign-in & security.


Scroll down the page, and click 2-Step Verification.


On the introduction page, click Get Started at the bottom.


If prompted, confirm you password by typing it in again, and then click Sign in.


Type your mobile phone number in the box, and check the country is correct.


Select how you want to receive codes - Text message or Phone call.


Click on Try it at the bottom.


You will be sent a code to your phone by text message. Type the code into the box on screen. If you don't receive a code, click Resend to try getting a new one.


If the code matches, you should see a confirmation message on screen. To turn on 2-Step Verification now that you have tested it, click Turn on.

You can now check the settings for 2-Step Verification or add an alternative second step.

Whenever you sign into a new device, you will need to give both your password, and a code sent to you by text message. If you sign in frequently on a device, you can choose to save or remember it, so you only need to give the password in future.

Adding an alternative second step


With the default 2-Step Verification method turned on, you will always need access to your phone to receive codes.

However, as there might be times when you are unable to access your phone, Google have the following alternative methods which you can set up:

  • Backup codes - these are one-time use codes that you can print off. These will let you sign-in when you are away from your phone.
  • Google Prompt - this will use Google services on your phone to give a code. This works with all Android phones that can access Google Services, and can be used on iOS devices by downloading the Google app.
  • Authenticator app - this uses the 'Google Authenticator' app to provide codes that can be used to sign-in. The app is available for Android and iOS.
  • Backup phone - add another mobile phone number where codes can be sent.
  • Security key - needs a specialised USB device that you plug into your computer to give access to your account.

Hopefully, this is all the help you need. If the problem still isn’t fixed though, click here to get in touch with one of our Team Knowhow Experts.

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