How to download apps on an Android Phone


Downloading apps to your Android phone is simple to do and can be done from your phone or a computer, which ever you find easiest. Follow our guide to install new apps to your smartphone, and rediscover apps you might have used on previous Android devices.

Downloading apps from the Play Store


To access the Google Play Store from your Android phone, follow the steps listed below.

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play store download 2
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Find and touch the Play Store app icon from your Home screen to open the store. You will see a search box at the top of the store, and app recommendations below.


Tap the search box to look for an app. Use the on-screen keyboard to type an app's name, then tap on one of the suggested apps to view more details.


After you tap on an app, you can see more information about it. This includes the name of the developer, the price of the app, a description and some screenshots of what the app looks like. Press Install to start downloading the app.


Once the app is downloaded, the 'install' button will change into an 'open' button. Tap Open to launch the app, or browse through your Apps list to find your new app there.

Downloading apps from your old phone


If you want to download apps from your previous Android phone, Google provides a history of all your free and premium downloads. Follow these instructions to find out more:

app history 1
app history 2
app history 3
app history 4

Open the Play Store app, tap the Menu button in the top-left corner, or swipe your finger from left-to-right across the screen. Press My apps & games to continue.


There are four tabs at the top of this page, Updates, Installed, Library and Beta. Updates is where you'll find all the apps on your phone that are waiting to download an update.


The Installed tab shows a list of every app currently installed on your device.


Library shows you every app you've ever downloaded, so you can easily re-install an app you've enjoyed in the past.

You will now be able to search for new apps as well as easily download your previous apps.  

Downloading apps using your computer


If you prefer browsing on a PC or Mac, you can use your computer to find and download apps to your Google account. They'll then appear on your phone when you log in and move them over.

android apps pc 1

Open your internet browser and visit


Pick an app from the suggestions, or enter an app name into the search box at the top.

play store pc 2

Click on an app to see its summary page.You can install the app, read its description, view screenshots of the app, browse user feedback and even check out similiar alternatives.


To download the app, press the green Install button. If the app comes with a price tag, the green button will show the cost instead of the word Install.

Downloading apps

If you have more than one Android device, choose the phone or tablet to download the app to. If the app is incompatible with any of your kit, that device will be greyed out.


Click on the smartphone or tablet you wish to install the app to, then press the green Install button.

play store pc 4

The green Installed button confirms that your app installed successfully!

You're now ready to download Android apps the way you want to.

However, if you want to speak to us about anything, you can always contact one of our experts at Team Knowhow here.

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