What to do if your washing's coming out dirty


If your clothes are coming out of the washing machine with dirt or stains on them, this guide will help you to find the cause and get it sorted.


Fix 1: Unblocking the filters


If the filters in your washer are blocked, this can stop water draining and stop the washer from getting rid of lint and other gunk. On most washers, the filters can be cleaned in just a few steps. Have a look in your user manual to see where the filter is, and give it a rinse in hot soapy water.


Fix 2: Choosing the right wash cycle


Colder washes (at 30°C or 40°C) can't always kill off all the bacteria in the washer, and sometimes more heat is needed. If you can't get rid of some dirt or a stubborn stains, try running a hotter wash cycle.


Fix 3: Stopping colours from running


If your white or light coloured clothing seem to have a dirty appearance, they might have been accidentally washed with darker colours. If this happens, try running them again on a very hot wash to get the white colour back.


Fix 4: Using the right detergent


Only powdered detergents contain bleach, which is needed to help kill off bacteria in the wash. If you never use powder, there could be a bacterial build-up inside the washer that can cause dirt or stains on clothes.

You should also try to use the right amount of detergent for the clothes you're putting in the wash. Heavier clothes will need more detergent, and if you have anything heavily stained, you should add detergent to the pre-wash section in the soap drawer.


Fix 5: Don't overload the machine


Overloading the washer can mean that individual clothes don't get washed in enough detergent, which can stop them from being cleaned properly. Your user manual will have guidelines on how much you should fill the washer, but generally you want to make sure there's a gap at the top, so that the clothes can move around inside the drum.


Fix 6: Running a maintenance cycle


To make sure your machine stays free of bacteria, and prevent any mould growth, you should run a maintenance cycle around once a month. This is a very hot wash, with plenty of detergent, but not clothes.


Fix 7: Cleaning the soap drawer


Detergent can build up in the soap drawer over time, which can clog it up and stop the detergent getting to the drum. To sort this, remove your soap drawer and give it a good wash in the sink.


Hopefully that's everything you need to know, but if you need any extra help, you can get in touch with our Team Knowhow Experts here.

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