Preventing and treating limescale build-up in your washing machine


If left untreated, limescale can cause problems with your washing machine. This guide will help you with finding, and treating it.

Cleaning the soap drawer


It's not the drawer itself where the limescale builds up, but the jets that shoot water into the drawer. They're above the drawer on the inside, but you'll need to take the drawer out to clean them. This also stops bacteria from building up as well. You can use a washing up brush to make sure the jets are clean and free of any blockages.

You can put the drawer itself into the sink with some hot, soapy water. Just make sure that you rinse and dry it properly before putting it back. It's best to wash it by hand and not in a dishwasher, because the heat can warp the shape.

Limescale inside the washing machine


Low temperature cycles, liquid detergent, or detergent for colours let limescale build up quickly. None of these things contain bleach, and low temperatures aren't hot enough to get rid of limescale. Most powder detergents have stuff in them called 'builders' that catch and remove limescale. You can also run a service wash once a month to keep limescale at bay.

Removing stubborn deposits


There are lots of products available for getting rid of limescale, but there's also some household stuff that'll take care of it. You can use things like lemon juice or white vinegar to dissolve limescale, but more stubborn build ups might need a stronger pickling vinegar.

Getting rid of limescale can be tricky because the acid needs to stay in contact with it long enough to work (about an hour). The best way to get rid of it is to run a normal washing cycle (without clothes) using a big cup of lemon or vinegar instead of detergent.

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