Kit Guide: Strange noises in your Samsung fridge or freezer


We've written this guide to help you if you're hearing unusual sounds coming from your fridge or freezer.

Signs of a problem

These are some of the things you might be hearing:

  • Hissing sound from inside the fridge or freezer compartments
  • Gurgling sounds in the cooling system pipes
  • Creaking or cracking from inside the fridge or freezer

What's causing it

There's a few different reasons your fridge or freezer might be making strange sounds.

  • Some noise from the refrigerant is normal. It can be a bit noisier on direct cooling refrigerators, which these Samsung models are
  • When a fridge or freezer is new, the noise from the refrigerant will be higher. It's the same when the refrigerant has been changed. It'll settle down after a few weeks
  • You might hear cracks and creaks when the fridge starts or stops, because it expands and contracts when the temperature changes

The things above aren't anything to worry about, but if you hear any rattling or vibrating noises coming from the pipes, we recommend that you get an engineer out to check your kit.

To arrange an engineer visit, or to talk about any other problems you're having, contact a Team Knowhow Expert here.

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