Why is the water dispenser leaking on my Samsung fridge or freezer


This guide will help you get to the bottom of a leaky water dispenser in your Samsung fridge or freezer.

Finding the cause of the leak


If you've got water dripping from the nozzle when it's not being used, or you're finding water in the collection tray between uses, there could be a few different things causing it.

  • The lever - check to make sure that the lever isn't stuck on something, making it stay open. Gently pull the lever to make sure it's closed.
  • Water level - the nozzle can be sensitive to the water pressure, so check the amount that's in the tank. 40% - 70% is the best fill level. If it's too full, drain some out using the dispenser, or if it's too empty you can top it up with the normal fill method.
  • Blockages - the nozzle might be blocked and stuck open. You can clear it by removing the nozzle and soaking it in warm water to get rid of any dirt. The nozzle is only meant to dispense water, so don't use anything else in the tank that could cause blockages, like fruit juices or cordials.

You might have a different problem than what we've covered here, so our Team Knowhow Experts are on hand here to help you.

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