Why isn't my wine fridge cold enough?


Wine coolers usually run between 6-8°C. This is slightly warmer than a normal fridge which runs between 3-5°C. This guide will help you figure out the best temperature to keep your wine.

What type of wine are you storing?


Different types of wine should be stored at different temperatures:.

  • Red wine - between 13°C - 18°C.
  • White wine - between 9°C - 13°C.
  • Champagne and sparkling wine - between 6°C - 8°C.

Checking the wine fridge


Check to make sure that you've set the cooler to the right temperature. If you have and it's still not working, try checking these things:

  • Make sure the fan unit isn't blocked or clogged.
  • Make sure there is ventilation space around the pipes at the back.
  • Make sure the cooler isn't being stored under something heavy, which could stop it from ventilating properly.

If you can't seem to figure out what the problem is, you might need an engineer to come and have a look. A Team Knowhow Expert can help you arrange one here.

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