Why isn't the water dispenser working on my fridge-freezer?


Many American-style fridge-freezers have piped water connections, but if they stop working it can be tricky to fix.

Things to check


Here are a few reasons why water dispensers fail:

  • There could be air in the water pipe. Press the water dispensing button for a minute or two to clear it.
  • The water pipe might be trapped or kinked. Pull the fridge freezer out and check the pipe hasn't been flattened.
  • The water filter cartridge might need to be replaced. Check the manual to find out where it is on your model, but they're usually either behind the salad drawer or in the top corner, behind a panel.
  • The water tank might be frozen. Check the temperature in the fridge, if it's too cold then adjusting it might fix the problem.

Hopefully you've got the cold water flowing again, but if you need any extra help, you can get in touch with a Team Knowhow Expert here.

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