Using your fridge or freezer for the first time

It can be exciting to get new appliances, but before you start filling up your fridge freezer there's a few bits you need to do. This guide goes through everything.

Letting the appliance stand


It's important to to let your fridge or freezer stand, to make sure that all the internal fluids have settled before you start using it. How long you need to do this for depends on how your fridge freezer has been moved. If it's been on its side, then it'll need to be stood upright for about four hours before you turn it on. If it was transported upright, you only need to leave it for an hour. 

Unpacking and cleaning


Waiting for the fluids to settle inside the appliance is a great opportunity to make sure it's ready to use.

Get the fridge freezer out of its packaging and then give it a thorough clean with soap and water. You can wipe the outside down with a clean cloth as well.

Making sure that there's enough ventilation


To make sure that your fridge freezer works at its best, you need to make sure it's got enough room for heat to escape.

Have a look at the manufacturer’s instructions for the recommended spacing. If the fridge doesn't have enough space, it could affect things like power consumption, running costs and cooling performance.

Turning it on


Plug your fridge into the mains. You should check your user manual for the best temperature setting.

When you've set it to what you want, give it a few hours before you start filling it up with food – some fridges have a light that'll let you know when it's ready. You can check the inside of the fridge with a thermometer every two hours to make sure.

Once it's at the right temperature, you can start to fill it up with food. For more information, have a look at your manufacturer’s manual.

If you're having any problems with it, our Team Knowhow Experts can help. Contact us here.

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