How and when to clean your fridge


Because we move so much food in and out of our fridges, it’s important to keep it clean.

This guide explains how often you should aim to clean it, shows you how to do it, and gives you a few tips to help you keep it free from germs and mess.

When should I clean my fridge?


We recommend taking the time to properly clean your fridge at once every six months. Although you might not be able to see them, small spills and splatters of food will build up through everyday use.

In the meantime, if you notice any spills or think raw meat might’ve come in contact with a shelf or surface, you can wipe the affected area down with anti-bacterial cleaner (just make sure you dry the area properly).

How to clean your fridge


It’s a good idea to clean your fridge just before you do a big shop - not only because there’ll be less food to move, but because you can check sauces and other long-life products and replace anything that’s past its best.

Before you start, get two soft cloths and some anti-bacterial surface cleaner or a weak mix of washing up liquid and water.


Turn the fridge off at the mains.


Take all of the food out. It doesn’t take that long to clean the cavity, so just store your food, milk, and other bits in the coolest place you can find.


Take all the shelves and drawers out of the fridge. If you have removable door shelves, pop them off too.


Brush out any crumbs or bits of food with your hand or a small, clean brush.


Wipe the cavity walls down with the cleaner or water mix. Use the second cloth to remove the liquid that’s left.


Do the same on the shelves, drawers, and anything else you took out.


Once dry, put everything back in and switch it on.


Give your bottles and containers a wipe as you put them back in to make sure you’re not undoing all of your hard work.

Food hygiene tips


Even if you keep your fridge as clean as possible, there are a few things you can do to make sure food is kept as safely as possible.

  • Keep raw meat properly sealed on the bottom shelf. This stops them dripping or contamination anything else in the fridge
  • Wipe up any spillages as soon as they happen to stop ice and mould from forming
  • If you have food with an upcoming use-by date, label the container or put it at the front of the shelf to make sure you use it on time.
  • If you don’t have a digital display, get a thermometer to make sure the inside is always at the right temperature (between 3 - 5°C)

This tips should help you keep your fridge clean and safe to use.

However, if you want to speak to us about anything, you can always contact us here.

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