How to clean your dishwasher


If your dishwasher is starting to smell, or left over food and gunk are starting to build up, it’s time to give it a clean. 

It’s not hard to do and you’ll see the benefits straight away, with your plates coming out brighter and cleaner.

When should I clean it?


It depends on how much you use it, but you should try and clean your dishwasher at least a couple of times a year. 

The biggest tell that you need to give it a clean is an unpleasant smell when you open the door. Also, if plates and cutlery aren’t coming out completely spotless, it’s time for a clean. 

Before you start


Before you get going, there a few things to make sure you’ve got to hand:

  • Antibacterial spray
  • Dishwasher salts
  • A few clean cloths
  • An old toothbrush

Cleaning it


When you’re ready to start cleaning, just follow these steps. 

Empty the dishwasher and remove the racks by pulling them off their runners
Put the cutlery holder into the sink and let it soak in soapy water
Use the toothbrush to remove food from the water holes on the arms at the bottom of the cavity
Wipe the inside walls of the dishwasher down with the cloth and antibacterial spray (or distilled vinegar)
If you have a removable filter, pull it out and wash it in soapy water (you’ll find it on the floor of the cavity). Clean the exposed area where the filter was
Clean the door, making sure you get the sides and control panel
Put the shelves and trays back in
Leave the door open until the cavity is dry
If your machine has a cleaning cycle, run it to rinse of any cleaning products that remain.

Cleaning cycle


If your dishwasher has an automatic cleaning cycle, it’s worth running it every few weeks to clear out trapped food and grime. 

If it doesn’t have a dedicated setting, or you want to give it a really deep clean, try using baking soda.

You’ll need: 

  • Baking soda
  • White vinegar (don’t use brown malt vinegar!)

Once you’ve got your things together, follow these steps:

Take your plates, pans, and other bits out
Sprinkle a handful of baking soda on the bottom
Place a cup of white vinegar on the top shelf
Set the dishwasher to the highest temperature settings and run a full cycle
When it’s done, leave the door open slightly to let it dry out

Keeping it clean


Once you’ve got your dishwasher clean, there are a few simple things you can do to keep it cleaner for longer.

  • Leave the door open slightly after each cycle to stop water from building up and stagnating
  • Keep the salt drawer topped up. Dishwasher salt helps break down food and grease - without it, your plates won’t come out as clean as they should
  • Don’t use bleach to clean stainless steel components as it causes them to rust
  • If you see any rust on the drawers, replace them immediately

Hopefully we’ve covered everything you need to stop your dishwasher from smelling and have helped you get your plates as good as new again.

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