Kit Guide: What to do if your dishwasher is leaking


If you've noticed water pooling around your dishwasher, it might be leaking. There are some things you can check without needing to call in an engineer, and we've gone through them in this guide.

Before you start, make sure that the power it turned off, and any water has been cleaned up.

Make sure the dishwasher is level


A recently installed, or moved, dishwasher can become a bit tilted or unstable, letting water leak out. Check the feet and make sure it's level.

Check the seal


Have a look at the seal that goes around the edge of the door and frame. If there's anywhere that it looks loose, torn, or cracked, then it might need replacing.

You can check to make sure that the door is closing properly, and that the latch keeps it closed. If it doesn't, it might need replacing as well.

It's also worth checking the hinges and making sure they're lined up properly, because they can also let water escape.

Check the hoses


Have a look at the hoses that feed water to, and drain water from the dishwasher. If there's any water where they connect to the machine, check the clamps to make sure they're not loose. You can also check along the outlet pipe to make sure it's not kinked, which can stop the water from being able to escape.

If the hoses are wet, dry them off and then check for leaks along them. You can do this with your fingers, or you can use a piece of tissue paper. If you find any leaks, the hose will need repairing or replacing.

Look for blockages


Dirt and food can get stuck in the drain filter under the bottom drawer and stop the water from getting out. If you find water pooling inside the dishwasher, scoop it out with a cup or jug, then empty the filter.

You can use a plunger if you need to clear out any hard to reach blockages.

Are you using the right soap?


It's important that you only use products meant for the dishwasher. Using something like washing-up liquid can make the machine leak.

The first place to check for help is the manufacturer's manual, but our Team Knowhow Experts are on hand to help you if you need. Just give them a call here.

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