Kit Guide: How to replace the seal on your oven door


If your food is cooking unevenly or the oven isn't heating up properly, you might need to replace the rubber seals on the door.

The seals around your oven door are made from rubber, and when they get loose, hot air will escape and your food won't cook properly. It'll also use more energy.


Turn the oven off and let it completely cool down before starting.


Open the oven door.


Remove any of the rubber seal still left on the door. if there are screws holding it in place, you'll need to remove them.


Clean the inside of the door with some warm soapy water and let it dry.


Press in the replacement seal, starting from one side and following it round.


If the seal was held in with screws, make sure you screw them back in.

If the rubber seal on your door is in good condition but loose, you can use a heat resistant sealant to fix it back on. 

Note: Make sure the sealant is suitable for ovens, as other glues might be flammable.


Hopefully your oven's working as it should, but if you need any extra help, you can get in touch with a Team Knowhow Expert here.

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