Kit Guide: Fixing common problems with gas cookers


We've written this guide to help you fix a few common problems that you might come across with your Gas hob or oven. If you're concerned about the smell of gas, call: 0800 111 999 - the National Gas Emergency Service. 

If the hob won't light


  • Check that there's gas coming through when you turn the knob (you should hear it)
  • Most ignitions work on mains power, so check the plug is in and switched on
  • See if the burner cap is out of place. It should sit flat
  • The igniter might be dirty. Take the burner cap off and clean the igniter with a small brush - an old toothbrush is great for this


If the burner flames are hard to light, or look yellow


  • The burner parts might have been moved. Let them cool, then check to see if they're in the right place
  • If you use bottled gas, you might be running out. Try a replacement bottle
  • Your cooker might not be set up for the right type of gas, or the pressure could be low. You'll need to get an engineer to check these out


If the flames aren't around the burner


  • Take off the burner cap and look to see if there's anything blocking the holes or channels
  • Make sure the burner cap is sat flat and in the middle of the burner
  • Clean off any dried-on or burnt food


If the burner goes out when you let go of the knob


  • Gas cookers are fitted with a 'Flame supervision device' (FSD). This will cut off the gas if it's not lit. You'll need to hold the knob in for 5-10 seconds before letting go. 
  • If it still happens, call a qualified engineer.


If the flame goes out at low settings


  • The gas pressure might be low
  • The low setting might not be adjusted correctly
  • You'll need to call an engineer to get that checked


If there's a strange smell when you first use a new oven


  • New ovens and cookers often have a layer of corrosion protection inside them, which can give off a smell when it;s first used
  • This should go within 15 minutes of first lighting the oven
  • It might take a few uses for the smell for completely go


Hopefully that's pointed you in the right direction, but if you need any extra help, you can get in touch with a Team Knowhow Expert here.

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