Why is my oven smoking?


If you’re getting a lot of smoke when you turn your oven or grill on, this guide shows you how to stop it.

Why it's happening


Smoke in your oven is caused by bits of food on the oven floor, trays, and shelves. As the oven heats up, they burn and cause smoke.

Why is there smoke coming from my oven?

It can also be caused by grease building up on the walls, so it’s a good idea to wipe up mess in the oven before it gets too bad.

How to stop it


To stop it, you need to remove whatever's burning.

This could be as easy as just washing the shelves and baking trays, as this is where most grease and mess builds up. If you’ve tried this or you can see that something is burning on the floor or walls, you need to clean the whole cavity.

Don’t worry, it’s not as horrible as it sounds: just follow our full guide here.

How to stop it happening again


If you’re cooking directly on the shelves or using the grill, try putting a baking tray under your food to catch any drips or crumbs - this stops it from sticking to the oven floor and burning the next time you use it.

You should always try to clean your trays and shelves after each use. Baking trays never really look clean after they’ve been used a few times, but just make sure there isn’t any grease or fat stuck to the surface.

Hopefully you’ve managed to stop your oven from smoking.

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