DE error when using dual cook mode on Samsung cookers


Here's what to do if you get a DE error when using dual cook mode on your Samsung cooker.


Models with this problem


The models that can get this problem are:

  • BT621VD** series
  • BT63** series
  • BT65** series
  • BQ2Q7GO78
  • BQ1S6T077


Fixing the problem


When trying to use dual cook mode on your Samsung oven, you might see 'errorDE' come up on the display screen. Usually this is caused by the centre divider, which splits the oven into two heating zones. If the divider isn't put in properly, you'll get the 'errorDE'.

Take the divider out, and then put it back in, making sure it slides all the way to the back. There should be a slight click when it touches the switch at the back. That's how you'll know the divider is in properly. You should be able to use dual cook mode now.


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