How to set up a Windows 10 computer


We've written this guide to help you set up your new Windows 10 computer. Don't worry, we'll explain the options as we go.

Completing the Setup Wizard


The first time you use your new computer you’ll have to complete a ‘Setup Wizard’. It’s a small program designed to help you set up your computer.

You’ll be guided through it by Cortana, Microsoft’s virtual assistant. If you don’t want to hear it, click the sound icon at the bottom-right of the screen.


choose region
pick keyboard
extra keyboard

Choose United Kingdom (or the region you’re in) and click Yes.


If you want to use a different keyboard, pick it in the list then click Yes.


Add another keyboard layout if you want to or click Skip to move on.

legal stuff
wireless key

You have to accept the legal stuff (things like Licence Agreements and Privacy Statements) to use Windows on your new computer. If you don’t, you won't be able to go any further. Click Accept.


Windows 10 works best when it’s connected to the internet. Plug in an ethernet cable between the computer and your router, or choose a wireless network and click Connect.


If you’re joining a Wi-Fi network, type the wireless key (it’ll be on your router) and click Next.

critical updates
microsoft account
enter password

When you’ve connected to the network, click Next. Windows might download some updates which can take a minute or two.


Add your Microsoft account to download apps, sync your files and settings between computers, and much more. Type your address and click Next, or click Create account to set one up for free.


If you’re adding an account, type the password then click Next. If you’re setting one up, complete the form.

type pin

Set up a PIN which only works on this computer, so you can’t be seen typing in your account password. For added security, set a different PIN on each computer you use.


Type the PIN in both boxes and click OK.


Cortana is a virtual assistant, just like the ones on most smartphones. To work at its best, it needs to use the information shown onscreen. Choose Yes to let it, or No to prevent it for now. You can always change the settings later.

one drive
privacy settings
brand page

OneDrive is your Microsoft account’s cloud storage. If you save your stuff in the cloud, you can get to it on all your kit. Click Next to save your files online or choose Only save files to this PC.


Privacy settings control how your personal information is used. Click a switch to allow each one or not. When you’re ready, click Accept.


You might see offers and information about apps already installed on the computer. Check the options available to you, then click Next to finish the Setup Wizard.

windows 10 desktop

It’ll take a few minutes to install any important updates and finish setting up the computer. When it’s done, you’ll see the desktop.

Connecting to the internet


Connect an ethernet cable between your router and computer and you'll be online in moments. If you can't do that, use a wireless network instead.

set up wi-fi 1
set up wi-fi 2
set up wi-fi 3

Click Wi-Fi > Network name > Connect.


Type the network security key (wireless password). You might find it on the router if you're not sure what it is. Click Next.


You'll see 'Connected, secured' when you've been successful.

Click the desktop or press Esc to close the network settings.

Adding an email account


If you sign in to Windows with your Microsoft account, it's already set up in the Mail app for you. To add another account, follow these steps:

email setup 1
email setup 2
email setup 3

Click Start > Mail (it looks like an envelope).


If there's an account already set up, you'll see the inbox. Click Settings > Manage accounts.


Click Add account.

email setup 4
email setup 5
email setup 6

Choose your mail provider.


Type in the Email address you'd like to add, then click Next.


Typoe the account password, then click Next.

email setup 7
email setup 8
email setup 9

You'll have to give permission for Windows to access the email account on your behalf. Click Allow.


Type your name to personalise your sent email, then click Sign in.


When your account's been set up, click Done.

Click the account name to switch between inboxes. If you'd like to know more about sending email, we've written a guide for that too.

Setting up PIN unlocking


A PIN is easier to type than a password, especially on a touch screen, and it helps to keep your account secure too.

Anyone watching you type your Microsoft account password could gain access to all your account settings. If they see you typing your PIN, they'll only be able to get into that device, not your account itself.


add pin
pin unlock
secure pin

Click Start > Settings > Accounts > Sign-in options.


Scroll through the options, and in the PIN section click Add.


Verify your account password. Type it in and click OK to continue.


Type the PIN in both boxes and click OK. If they don't match, type them again.

If your computer's locked and you've forgotten your PIN, click Sign-in options and switch to using your password instead.

Your new computer should be set up and ready to use. If you need to, you can contact an expert from Team Knowhow for more help or support.

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