Kit Guide: Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 - using it


So you've set your tablet up, but now you need to know how to use it. Follow this guide and you'll be a bit more familiar with things.

1. Sending emails


To start sending emails, you'll need the account set up on the Galaxy Tab S2.

Sending an email

Tab S2 Email 1
Tab S2 Email 2

Open your Inbox and tap the pen and paper icon in the bottom-right corner.


Put the person's email address in the 'To' box.


Add a Subject to the box under it.


Write your email in the main white box, then press Send at the top when you're done.

Adding an attachment

This is how you add other things to your email, like pictures, videos or documents.

Tab S2 Email 3
Tab S2 Email 4

Write your email as normal, then press Attach at the top, and choose what you want to add.


Look through your files, then tap the ones you want to put in the email.


You'll see a preview of them added to your message.


When you're happy with it, press Send at the top.

2. Adding new users


Adding new user accounts gives anyone you share the tablet with their own space. It stops those annoying times where someone moves your apps or changes your wallpaper. This is how to set new users up.

Tab S2 Users 1
Tab S2 Users 2
Tab S2 Users 3
Tab S2 Users 4

Open the Settings and go to Users.


Tap Add user and choose what type of account they can have.


restricted profile can only see apps and settings that you let them.


Press Set up now if you know the person's details, or Not now for a blank account.

The first time they use the account, they'll need to go through the Setup Wizard.

3. Tips


These are some of the other bits you can do with your Galaxy Tab S2.

Free Microsoft OneDrive storage

The Galaxy Tab S2 comes with 'Microsoft Office package for Android', which means that you can use Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneDrive. When you start using one of them, you'll be asked to sign up or sign in with a Microsoft account. That'll give you 100GB of free 'cloud storage' in OneDrive, where your files, documents, spread sheets and presentations can be saved. The 100GB lasts for 2 years, then it'll go down. That means you need to cut down on how much you're storing (if you've filled it up), find a different storage space, or you can pay to keep it at 100GB+.

You can see anything you save in OneDrive from a computer, smartphone or tablet. Have a look at the OneDrive website for more information on what you can do with OneDrive.

Smart Manager

To keep your tablet running at its best, the Galaxy Tab S2 has its own 'Smart Manager'. This app lets you free up your memory and battery, and keeps your tablet secure.

Tap on the Apps icon at the bottom of your Home screen, then go to Smart Manager.

For a quick way to clean everything up, tap Clean all at the bottom. To see the individual settings for each one, tap 'Battery', 'Storage' or 'Ram'.

To use the 'Device security', you need to have signed in with a Samsung account.

That should be everything you need to know to start using Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, but if you want any extra help, there's always our Team Knowhow Experts here.

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