Kit Guide: Samsung Galaxy Tab A - using it


Now that your tablet's set up, here are a few other things you can do that'll help you get the most out of it.

1. Sending emails


To start sending emails, you'll need to have an email account set up. If you haven't done it yet, our Setup Guide will help.

Sending an email

Attach 1
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From your Apps list, tap the Mail icon.


Open your Inbox and tap the pen and paper icon at the bottom.


Type the person's email address in the 'To' box, then add a Subject under it.


Type your email in the main box, then press Send at the top when you're ready.

Adding an attachment

Here's how to add things to your email - like photos, or documents.

Attach 3
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Follow the steps above to get your email ready - but don't send it yet.


Tap the paperclip at the top and choose what you want to add.


Find, and tap the item you're adding.


You'll see a preview of the file added to your email. Press Send when you're happy with it.

2. Adding new users


Adding different user accounts is really useful if the tablet is shared with other family members, because it means the tabet can be personalised fur each user. Here's how to add new ones.

New users 1
New users 2
New users 3
New users 4

From your Home screen, Open Settings, and go to Users.


Tap Add user or profile to choose who to add. A 'restricted profile' lets you choose what apps that user can use (this can be useful if you're adding a child as a new user, and you only want them to be able to use certain apps).


Press OK after reading the information.


The first time they use their account, they'll need to go through a Setup. Press Set up now if you know their details, or Not now for a blank profile.

For a restricted profile, you'll see a list of all the apps installed on the Tab A. Tick each app to let the account use it.

3. Tips


Here are a few extra tips that'll help you get a bit more from your tablet.

Universal Switch

This feature adds a 'floating button' to your tablet, and you can set it to do lots of different things, like controlling the volume or getting to your notifications. Here's how it works.

Universal Switch 1

From your Home screen go to Apps > Settings.


Go to Settings > Accessibility > Dexterity and interaction.


Tap Universal Switch, and turn it on by pressing the switch.


Tap Add switch - you'll need to give permission for the app to access certain features in the tablet. Tap Enable.


Universal Switch 2

Tap Screen, and you'll see a list of things you can set the Switch to do, just tap one to choose it


Choose where you want the button to go, by making a cross with the two red lines.

Universal Switch Camera

This lets you get around the different apps and menus on your tablet, using different 'facial gestures' - it can be really useful if you have difficulty tapping the screen. Here's how to get it set up.

From your Home screen, go to Settings Accessibility Dexterity and interaction.


Tap Universal switch > Camera.


Choose the 'facial gesture' you'd like to use (you can choose to move your head left, right, up or down, blink, or open your mouth).


Pick a 'switch action', this tells the tablet what you'd like it to do when you show it a facial gesture.

Hopefully you're ready to start using the Samsung Galaxy Tab A, but if you need any extra help, there's always our Team Knowhow Experts here.

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