Kit Guide: Amazon Fire 7 - setting it up

This guide will get you through the set up of your Amazon Fire 7 tablet, so you can start using it the way you want.

Download the Amazon Fire 7 manual

If you need to check the official Amazon Fire 7 manual

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1. Box contents


Below is a list of items you will find in the box.

  • Amazon Fire 7
  • Micro USB lead
  • 13A Mains power adapter
  • Information pack

2. Inserting a memory card


Your Fire 7 is ready to be turned on and set up, but you can make the storage space bigger with a memory card if you want to. This is how you insert one.

Insert SD card Amazon fire 7

Look on the back of the tablet, near the camera lens. Find the plastic flap and use your fingernail to open it. Slide the memory card in, thin end first, with the gold contacts facing the back of the tablet. When it's in, you can close the flap.

3. Completing the Fire 7 Setup Wizard


These steps will get your tablet set up so you can start using it.

Setting it up

Setup Amazon Fire 1
Setup Amazon Fire 2
Setup Amazon Fire 3
Setup Amazon Fire 4

First is the 'Welcome' screen where you need to pick a language. Tap the down arrow and choose one, then tap Continue.


Connect to Wi-Fi so that you can get straight online. Tap your network name from the list.


Type in your Wi-Fi password, then tap Connect.


You'll need an Amazon account to be able to download apps. Sign in with yours, or tap Start here to get one.

Setup Amazon Fire 5
Setup Amazon Fire 6
Setup Amazon Fire 7
Setup Amazon Fire 8

If you're setting an account up, choose your Country and then press Continue. If you signed in, go to step 7.


Fill in your details and tap Create account.


You're asked to set up payment information because some apps aren't free. Add your details if you want, or you can pay for things individually by choosing Skip.


Choose the options you want to use on the Fire 7, then press Continue.

Setup Amazon Fire 9
Setup Amazon Fire 10
Setup Amazon Fire 11
Setup Amazon Fire 12

You can add more people to the tablet if they'll be using it. Press Continue.


You'll be given the chance to sign in to any social media apps you use. Tap Connect on any of them to log in, then press Continue.


That's all the steps. You'll get the option of a 'tutorial'. Go through it by pressing Start, or just tap Exit to get to the Home screen.

Touch buttons

Under the main screen are some touch buttons that help you get around the tablet.

'Home' (circle): gets you back to the Home screen from anywhere in the tablet.

'Back' (triangle): takes you back one screen.

'Recent apps' (square): shows a list of recently used apps.

4. Connecting to the Internet


This is how to connect your Fire 7 to different Wi-Fi networks.

amazon fire 7 connect wi-fi 1
amazon fire 7 connect wi-fi 2
amazon fire 7 connect wi-fi 3
amazon fire 7 connect wi-fi 4

Open the Settings and choose Wireless > Wi-Fi.


Make sure the switch at the top is turned on, then tap the network you want to connect to.


Type in the password if you need to, then tap Connect.


When it's working, you'll see 'Connected' under your network name.

5. Setting up your email accounts


Here's how to add your other email accounts to the Fire 7.

Amazon fire 7 add email account 1
Amazon fire 7 add email account 2
Amazon fire 7 add email account 3
Amazon fire 7 add email account 4

Open your apps list and tap the Email icon.


You'll be asked to add your email. Type in the email address you want to set up, then press Next.Type in your password and tap Next.


Type in your password and tap Next.


That's all there is to it, and you'll go through to your new Inbox.

amazon fire 7 lock screen 1
amazon fire 7 lock screen 2
amazon fire 7 lock screen 3
amazon fire 7 lock screen 4

Open the Settings and choose Security.


Tap Lock screen passcode to set one up.


Type in the PIN or Password you're going to use, then type it again to confirm it.


Press Finish to add the lock screen code.

Hopefully your tablet is set up and ready to use now. If you'd like to speak to a Team Knowhow Expert, you can do it here.

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