Kit Guide: understanding Dell beep codes


If your Dell computer won't load, you might hear one or more beep sounds. The number of beeps can tell you what the problem is. This guide will help you understand what the beeps mean.

Fixing the problem


This list tells you what each number of beeps means:

  • 1 beep: Possible motherboard failure or BIOS corruption.
  • 2 beeps: Memory not detected.
  • 3 beeps: Possible motherboard or chipset error.
  • 4 beeps: Memory failure.
  • 5 beeps: Real Time Clock power fail.
  • 6 beeps: Real Time Clock failure.
  • 7 beeps: Video card failure.
  • 8 beeps: Processor failure.

Most of these problems can be fixed by running Dell Diagnostics, by following the steps below:


Turn the computer on.


Tap F12 when you see the Dell logo.


Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to highlight Diagnostics, then press Enter to start the diagnostic.

Hopefully, this is all the help you need. If the problem still isn’t fixed though, click here to get in touch with one of our Team Knowhow Experts.

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