Using file extensions in Windows 10


File types (.jpg, .png, .pdf, .mp3 etc) don't always show next to the name of the file.  Luckily,'file extensions' are a way that you can see what types you have in a particular folder. That means it's easy to see if the file type you're looking for is in a folder, without having to dig through it. It's not turned on as standard in Windows 10, so here's how to use it.


Turning on File extensions

file extensions

With the folder you want to search on the screen, View at the top.


Under 'Show/hide', tick the box next to File extensions. If you haven't got that option, there'll be an arrow next to 'Show/hide' to use instead.

The file extensions will be showing next to the name of the file, letting you see what's in the folder.


Hopefully you're sorted, but if you need anymore help, you can contact Team Knowhow Experts here.

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