Using Windows 10 apps


The Windows Store has lots of apps, paid for and free. You can download things like games, productivity tools, news and online shopping apps. Here’s how.


Finding new apps through the Windows Store


To use the Windows Store, you need to be signed-in to a Microsoft account. If you’ve got a local account, you'll have to sign-in with a Microsoft account to go to the Store.


To find new apps:

windows store apps

Open the Start menu and click on Store. The icon has a bag on it.


When the Store opens, you can choose between sections like Apps, Games, Music and Films & TV, and scroll down to choose between categories such as Entertainment, Sport, Productivity and Social. Clicking on one of these will bring up a grid of apps for you to choose from.


Click on the search box in the top-right corner to look for an app you'd like to download.


Anything that’s free has the word Free underneath it, a paid-for app will show the price. Click the app to go to its download page.


Click either the price or the Free button to download the app. A row of dots will move across the screen to show you that your app is downloading.


You might have to type in your PIN or password to confirm that it’s you.

Finding previously downloaded apps


To find that you’ve downloaded before:

store account settings


Click your Windows account picture in the top-right corner, then click My library.




You’ll see all the apps and media you've downloaded from the Store. You can see an app's ‘Store’ page by clicking on it.



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