Kit Guide: Unblocking Java apps and games


When using certain apps and games, you might find that a Java update has blocked access to the app, resulting in one of these error messages:

• 'Java applications are blocked by your security settings'

• 'Missing Application-Name manifest attribute Missing required'

• 'Permissions manifest attribute in main jar'

Fixing the problem


This problem happens because of a Java security update, and can be fixed by following the steps below.


Click the Start icon and type 'control panel', then click Control Panel.


Click Java control panel, and click the Security tab.


Click Edit Site List at the bottom, then Add.


Click into the empty area below the 'Location' field, and type the website address you want to add to the exceptions list.


Click OK, then click Continue.

Once that's all done, try going back to website and testing the Java app or game.

Hopefully, this is all the help you need. But if the problem still isn’t fixed, you can get in touch with our Team Knowhow Experts here.

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