How to take screenshots on Windows 10


There are three ways to taking a screenshot on Windows 10. Below are some steps that will help you with each of them.

Method 1: Using the Snipping Tool


The Snipping Tool lets you cut a section of the screen and save it to your computer. Click the Start button and type in "Snipping Tool". Click Snipping tool when it appears.

Click New to begin. Draw a rectangle around the area you want to save. You'll be given a preview of the picture, along with options to save it, draw on it, email it, or copy it. You can also click New if you want to take a new screenshot.

The Options button gives you more editing options, including adding a colour to the border.

Method 2: Using Print Screen


The Print Screen button is on the top line of the keyboard, and is abbreviated as PrtScn or PrtScr (on a laptop you might need to hold the fn button). This button captures a screenshot of the entire screen and copies it to your clipboard.

You can paste this picture into an app such as Paint or PhotoShop, or paste it into a document and save the picture to your computer. You'll need to paste the print screen somewhere to save it, because things on the clipboard aren't saved automatically.

If you press Alt + PrtScr, it will copy the front program that is in use, instead of the entire screen or desktop. Pressing the Windows Key + PrtScr will save your screenshot directly to a folder in your Picture Library. This allows for quick image capture, and the ability to capture many images consecutively. Go to your Picture Library and edit the image(s) if you want.

Some smaller keyboards do not have a Print Screen button, and instead you'll need to open the on screen keyboard to find it. Open the on screen keyboard by pressing the Windows button and then typing on screen keyboard in the search box. Click it when it comes up to open it. Surface tablets use Windows Key + Fn + Space to save a screenshot straight to your Picture Library.

Method 3: Tablet Shortcuts


If you're using a tablet that runs Windows 10 without a keyboard, hold down the Windows Home button and volume down to take a screenshot. The screen will flash briefly, and the screenshot will be saved in your pictures library, in the screenshots folder.

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