How to change your keyboard and language settings in Windows 10


If your keyboard is behaving strangely or your computer has suddenly started speaking another language, then you'll need to dive into the Windows 10 keyboard and language settings to straighten things out. Follow this guide and you won't have any trouble!

Changing your Language and Keyboard settings

windows 10 language 1

Firstly, you have to go to your Control Panel. This can be found by right-clicking the Start button and clicking the option for Control Panel, or by left-clicking the Start button and typing 'control panel' into the search box.


Once you're in the Control Panel, click on Clock, Language and region.


Select Language from the available options.

windows 10 language 2

On the next page, choose Add a language.


Scroll down the list of available languages until you find the one you want to switch to, then select it and press the Open button.

windows 10 language 3

If your chosen language has multiple variants you may need to choose the localisation that's right for you. Pick the one that suits you the most, then press the Add button.


Your chosen language will appear on your Language Preferences screen, underneath your current language. Your display language will still be the same, so click on the Options button next to your new language.


Click on Download and install language pack to receive the necessary files to change your default language.


Once the download has finished and everything is ready, you will be prompted to log off Windows to finish the process. Click on the Log off button to leave Windows, then log back in to see your new language in action!

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