Kit Guide: Allowing access to less secure apps with your Google account


Google give added security to their accounts by blocking less secure apps.

This means Google will only let your account sync with apps and devices that are safe and secure.

When you try to use a less secure app or device, you might get a message asking you to change your Google account settings, or your email provider might say that your email or password is wrong.



Programs such as Microsoft Outlook, that don't use OAUTH, and instead send the full username and password, are seen as less secure by Google because there's a more of a chance that your password could be given to the wrong people.

Any apps or devices that are seen to be less secure are automatically stopped from getting into your Google account.

Fix 1 - app specific password


An 'app-specific password' is a one-time use password that lets a less secure app go into your account. Because the app doesn't use your Google account password, it's not a security risk, and you can remove access to the app or device at any time you want.

To use app-specific passwords, you first need to have turned on 2-Step Verification - you can find out how here.

When you've turned it on, follow these steps to make an app-specific password:


If you're not already logged in to your Google account, type in your Gmail address and click Next.


Type in your password and press Sign in.


Click Sign in & Security.


Under the 'Password & Sign in' section, click App passwords.


If asked, re-enter your password and click Sign in.


Click the Select app and select device drop downs for the app and device you're using. If your device or app isn't listed, click Other (Customised name), and type the name of the app or device you're using.

For example, if you want to set it up on Outlook, choose Mail in the first box, and Windows Computer in the second.


Click Generate.


A random password will be made, and steps on how to use it on your device might be given if they're available. This is the only time you can view this password, if you close the page don't use the password, you'll have to make a new one.


Use this password on your app or device to log into your Google account.


When you're logged into your Google account on the app or device, click Done.

The app or device will be logged in using the app-specific password. Because each password can only be used on one device, you'll need to make a password for each of the apps or devices that need one.

If you want to remove access for an app or device, click the Revoke button to delete the app specific password, and stop the device or app from being able to use it any more.

Fix 2 - allow access to less secure apps

This will let all apps, even the unsafe ones, use your Google account and be able to see your username and password.

To let less secure apps into your account:


On any device, go to


If you're not already logged in to your Google account, type in your Gmail address and click Next.


Type in your password and press Sign in.


Click Sign in & Security.


Scroll to near the bottom. Click the switch next to 'Allow less secure apps' to turn it On.

With this turned on, you can sign in to any app or device using your normal Gmail address and password.

Hopefully, this is all the help you need. If you're still not sorted though, click here to get in touch with one of our Team Knowhow Experts.

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