Kit Guide: Wiping a Mac hard drive with Disk Utility


This guide explains how to erase all the information on your Mac. You might want to do this if you're getting rid of it and don't want any personal information to be recoverable, or if you want to reinstall the operating system.

Using disk utility



Turn off the Mac.


Press the power button, then hold down the CMD & R keys.


Keep holding these until the 'Utilities' window appears.


Click Disc Utility, then click Continue.


Choose the disk you want to erase on the left-hand column - this is normally called 'Macintosh HD'.


Click on the Erase tab, then click Erase at the bottom.


Once finished, click Disc Utility in the top left corner of the Window and choose Quit Disk Utility.

The Mac's hard drive is now erased.

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