Using apps on a Chromebook


Find out how to use the web store to get all your favourite apps and games downloaded onto your Chromebook. Is nice and simple, and these steps show you what to do.


Using the Web Store

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use apps 2
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Open the Launcher from the bottom-left corner and choose Web store.


Scroll down to browse through the apps, or use the Search the store box at the top to look for a specific one.


Click on the app to see more information about it. Choose + Add to Chrome at the top to download it.


Start the download by clicking Add app.

Go back to the 'Launcher' and choose All apps. There you'll see the new ones you've downloaded. If you want to get rid of an app, tap the touchpad with two fingers to open the menu. Choose Remove from Chrome and it'll be deleted.


Hopefully that's everything you need, but if there's anything else you can get more help from Team Knowhow Experts here.

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