Adding a new user to a Chromebook


Different user profiles are handy when more than one person uses the computer. You can also add a 'supervised user' account, which will let the user on the internet, but they won't be able to download any apps. These steps show you how to set up both types of account.

For both options, you need to be on the sign-in screen. If you're already logged in, click your profile picture in the bottom-right, then choose sign out.


Adding a new user


A new user is added using their Google account. If they haven't got one yet (an email address ending with or, get them to set one up first to make things easier.

add new user

On the sign-in screen, click Add person at the bottom.


Type in the gmail address you're adding, then click Next.


Choose a profile picture, or click the camera icon to take a new one with the webcam.


When you've chosen the picture, click Ok and the new user will be added.

Adding a supervised user

supervised user

On the sign-in screen, click the three dots at the bottom and choose Add supervised user.


Read through the information about supervised users, then click Create supervised user.


A 'manager' can set restrictions and monitor the supervised account. Choose a manager and type in their password. Click Next.


Give the supervised user a Name and a password. You'll have to type the password in twice to verify it.


Choose a profile picture for the account, or click the camera icon to take a new one. 


Click Next. You'll see a confirmation that the user has been set up. To manage the restrictions on the account go to the Chrome manager. Click Got it! to finish.

Hopefully you've got your new users set up and running. If you're having any problems, get more help from Team Knowhow Experts here.

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