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Before you plug your speaker in, it's best to download the app to your smartphone or tablet so you're ready to start the setup.  

In our setup we're using an iPhone and a Sonos Play:1, so some screens might look slightly different if you're using an Android phone and a different Sonos speaker, but the steps should be the same. Just choose the link to download the app for the operating system you're using. 

  1. Apple - 

  1. Android - 

Open the app when you’ve downloaded and installed it. 

Sonos Setup 1
Sonos Setup 2
Sonos Setup 3
Sonos Setup 4

The first thing you'll need to do is set up your Sonos account. Tap Set up a new Sonos system.


If you've already set one up, just tap sign in, otherwise, tap Create account.


Enter your email address, and choose a password. Then tap the switch to confirm you accept the 'Sony Privacy Statement', and tap Create account.


Sonos will send you an email to complete the setup, just open the email and tap Verify email address, and you'll be taken back to the Sonos app. Tap Complete to finish the account setup.

Now that the app's installed and your account is set up, you can get started with setting up your Sonos speaker.

Connect your speaker to a power supply using the cable supplied – when it's connected, you'll see a flashing green light on the top (this might be a white light if you're using a different Sonos speaker).

Sonos Setup 5
Sonos Setup 6
Sonos Setup 7
Sonos Setup 8

When you see the 'Set up your Sonos speakers' screen on the app, tap Continue


Tap Standard setup to set the speaker up using Wi-Fi. Then tap Next.


The app will find the speaker on your network and you should see a picture of it. Tap Set up this player.

Sonos Setup 9
Sonos Setup 10
Sonos Setup 11
Sonos Setup 12

Tap Go to accessory setup and wait for your iPhone to set the speaker up as an 'Accessory' (don't worry if you don't see this step on your Android device, it should take you straight to step 5).


depending on the speaker you're setting up).

Sonos Setup 13
Sonos Setup 14
Sonos Setup 15
Sonos Setup 16

It might take a few minutes to connect the speaker to your network, and you'll see a confirmation screen when it's done. Tap Next.


If you want to add another speaker, tap Add a player, or if you're just adding one for now, tap Not now.


The app will check for software updates. This might take a few minutes, depending on your network.

Sonos Setup 17
Sonos Setup 18
Sonos Setup 19
Sonos Setup 20

Tap Update to make sure the speaker is running on the latest software.


Before the update can be done, you'll need to confirm that you've read the 'Sonos Privacy Statement'. Tap the link to take a look, then tap Confirm.


You'll see a screen showing you the progress of the update and a message telling you not to unplug anything. This usually takes a few minutes.


When it's done you'll see a big tick, click Continue.

Sonos Setup 21
Sonos Setup 22
Sonos Setup 23
Sonos Setup 24

To get the most out of your speaker, you'll need to link it to your Sonos account, tap Set up your account.


It should only take a few seconds and you'll see a tick to confirm that your speaker has been added. Tap Done.


You might see a message telling you that Sonos has added new alarm options, if you see this, just tap Done to close it.


The next steps tell the app where you're planning to use this speaker, tap Configure Player.

Sonos Setup 25
Sonos Setup 26
Sonos Setup 26

Make sure the name of your speaker has a tick next to it, and tap Next.


Choose where you'll be using the speaker from the list or options, or you can type your own room name in by tapping on the line at the top. Then tap Next.


Tap Done to finish the setup.

The last screen you'll see is the 'Browse' screen, this is where you'll see your music apps, like Spotify, and Amazon Music. To add music services, just tap More in the bottom-right corner and choose which ones you want to add.

Hopefully, that’s everything you need, but if you'd like help with anything else, you can contact one of our Team Knowhow experts here.

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