Kit Guide: setting up your new Sonos One smart speaker


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Before you plug your speaker in, you'll need to download the app to your smartphone or tablet so you're ready to start the setup. 

In our setup, we're using an Android phone and a Sonos One speaker, so some screens might look slightly different if you're using an iPhone and a different Sonos speaker, but the steps should be the same. Just choose the link to download the app for the operating system you're using.

If you want to follow the setup on an iPhone, take a look at our Sonos Play:1 Setup guide

Open the app when you’ve downloaded and installed it.

setup 1
setup 2
setup 3
setup 4

Open the Sonos app and you'll see the Sonos welcome screen.


Swipe left and you'll see the option to Set up a new Sonos system or Connect to an existing system. We're setting up a new system so we'll choose the first option.


Sonos will ask for your location to help with the setup of your new system, tap Continue.


Tap Allow to give Sonos your phone's location.

setup 5
setup 6
setup 7
setup 8

You'll need a Sonos account to be able to use your new speaker, so tap Create account.


Enter the email address you'd like to use, and choose a password


Tick the box to confirm you agree with the 'Sonos Privacy Statement', you can inspect it if you want by tapping the link. When you're happy to continue, tap Create account.


Sonos will send a link to the email address you provided. Find the email and click on the link to verify your account.

When you click the link in the email, the app will confirm that your account has been set up. Tap Continue.

Sonos setup 9
Sonos setup 10
Sonos setup 13
Sonos setup 15

Now you'll need to connect your Sonos speaker to your network, tap Continue.


Tap Next and make sure your speaker is plugged in. Tap Next again.


When you see a green flashing light on the top of the speaker, tap Continue.


Choose the speaker you want to set up from the list, then tap Set up this speaker.

Sonos setup 16
Sonos setup 18
Sonos setup 22
Sonos setup 24

Press the 'Join' button on the back of the speaker.


Your speaker will try to connect to the internet but you might see an orange light telling you there's been a problem. If this happens, tap I see an orange light and plug the speaker into your router.

If your speaker connected successfully, go to step 19.


Tap next on the following three screens, then when your speaker is plugged in and connected to your router, wait for the green flashing light and tap Continue when you see it.


Press the 'Join' button on the back of the speaker.

Sonos setup 25
Sonos setup 27
Sonos setup 28
Sonos setup 30

Choose the speaker, you want to connect and tap Yes, set up this speaker.


After a few seconds you'll see a confirmation screen that says 'Added your One'.


Choose a room name for your speaker, and tap Next.


Tap Not now to skip adding another speaker.

Sonos setup 31
Sonos setup 35
Sonos setup 36
Sonos setup 38

Tap Next to check for software updates.


If there's an update available it'll take a few minutes to complete, and when it's done, you'll see a tick. Tap Continue.


The next step is adding the speaker to your wireless network. Tap Next to continue.


Enter the password for your network, and tap Continue.

Sonos setup 41
Sonos setup 43
Sonos setup 44
Sonos setup 45

Your speaker will be added to your wireless network and registered with Sonos. If it's still connected to your router, you can unplug it and move it to the room where you'll be using it.


When you plug your speaker back in, the light will turn solid white telling you it's ready to use.


Your speaker is now set up and you can add a music streaming service by tapping Add a music service.


Choose the one you want to add, then follow the steps to add the streaming service to your Sonos.

Your Sonos speaker is now set up and ready to use. If you'd like help with anything else, you can contact one of our Team Knowhow experts here.

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