Setting up your Bose QC35 II headphones


Here's how to get started with your Bose QC35 II headphones.

Download the user manual here.


When you open the box, you should notice the message that encourages you to install the Bose Connect app to your smartphone. It isn’t essential that you do this but it does make the setup a little easier.

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Setting up your headphones


First, switch on your Bose headphones by sliding the switch on the right ear-cup to the On position.

The first thing you need to do when you open the app is agree to their Privacy Policy and End User License Agreement. You can view these in more detail by tapping the links, and when you’re happy to continue just tap I Agree.

QC35 Setup 1
QC35 setup 3
QC35 setup 4
QC35 setup 5

Because it’s a Bluetooth device you’re setting up, you’ll need to agree to give access to your Bluetooth settings. The Bose app can also use the location settings on your phone to help you find certain Bose products if you lose them. So make sure both boxes are ticked and tap Grant Location Access.


You might see a pop-up message asking you to give permission for Bose to access your phone's location services, tap Allow.

Then choose the Language you want to use, and tap Continue.


Pick a new name for your headphones if you want, then tap Continue.


You’ll see a quick tutorial telling you where all the buttons are, when you’re happy to move on, tap Got It.

QC35 setup 6
QC35 setup 7
QC35 setup 8
QC35 setup 9

You’ll see a message telling you that Google Assistant can be set up later. Tap Ok to finish the main setup.


When the setup is done, you might see a message telling you that there’s an update for your headphones. Tap Notify me and your phone will tell you when the update is ready to install.


You’ll now have the option to set up Google Assistant, tap Set It Up to continue.

You’ll hear a beep in your ear which means Google is listening, either say ‘Finish headphones setup’, or tap it.


Google Assistant can read your notifications to you so you don’t have to get your phone out whenever you receive a message. This can be switched on at any time so tap Skip to set it up later, or Next to choose which notifications you want to hear.

The Google Assistant is set up, just press and hold the button on the left ear-cup so speak to your assistant.


Tap Done to finish the setup.

Hopefully, that's all the help you need to get started with your Bose headphones, but if you'd like help with anything else, you can contact one of our Team Knowhow experts here.

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