Phone recycle


Looking for a new phone and need to get rid of your old one? Recycle your phone through Team Knowhow and you don’t have to worry about hidden surprises or unwanted handsets – and we’re environmentally friendly! Find out more below.


Why recycle your phone?

Recycling your unwanted phones through us is not only great for the environment, but is also very convenient as we take any phone, in any condition – even non-working and damaged handsets.

No hidden charges

If you send us your phone and we believe it isn’t worth what you expected, we’ll return your phone for free.

Recycle your phone online or in-store

Sell your phone to us online and we’ll send you a free postage pack. Or you can trade in your phone at any Carphone Warehouse store for instant payment.

Environmentally friendly recycling

We buy thousands of phones every month and we’re committed to ensuring 100% of these are recycled in an environmentally friendly fashion.

   Please note. Most payments are processed on the same day that we receive your phone. If you have chosen to be paid by bank transfer you will receive this in 3-5 working days.

Before you recycle your old phone check out these helpful guides:

  • How to factory reset an iPhone or iPad
  • Backing up data from your iPhone to your computer
  • Backing up data from your Samsung to your computer
  • Backing up data from your Android to your computer
  • How to prepare your iPhone for trade-in


    Get cash back for your old phone – or gift cards for your laptop – with our quick and easy trade-in service.

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