Laptop Trade-in FAQs


Which devices qualify for trade-in?

We accept trade-in on thousands of laptop and tablets. To see whether yours qualifies, it’s quickest to use our online ‘get an estimate’ calculator above. As long as it recognises your laptop or tablet’s specifications, we can accept the device for trade-in. 

What happens to my traded-in device?

Traded-in devices are checked, and any data still stored on them is securely wiped. They’re then sent to a third-party for re-use – most are sent to developing markets where laptop and tablet use is growing rapidly.

What happens to any data left on my device?

Keeping your data and sensitive information secure is our top priority. When we receive a device for trade-in, we (or an approved third-party) wipe the data stored on it – this is done to Infosec Standard 5 (the same standard as UK government data destruction).

If you trade-in an iOS device, we delete the encryption key so that any stored data can’t be deciphered.

If your device can’t be wiped, the data storage components will be destroyed, and the waste materials recycled.

Can I cancel a trade-in?

Once you’ve got an online quote from us, you’re free to trade-in your device or keep it – the choice is yours. If the device you bring into store differs from the one you’ve specified online, the quote we gave you won’t apply.

Once you’ve traded in a device, we won’t be able to return it.

What if my device is broken, fake or counterfeit?

You’ll be able to trade in your device as long as it’s not counterfeit or broken beyond repair. When you get an online quote, we list the kind of failures that we will accept on your trade-in product. If you’re still not sure, simply bring your device into any Currys PC World store.

There’s been an increase in counterfeit devices in the UK market. They might look like originals, but they are illegally produced, and can be dangerous to use. We won’t be able to accept these items for trade-in.

Can I trade-in a device I didn’t buy from Currys PC World or Carphone Warehouse?

Yes, it doesn’t matter where or when you bought your device. As long as it meets the requirements listed on our ‘get an estimate’ calculator, you can trade-in your device with us.

How do you assess your device’s trade-in value?

The value of your trade-in device is based on its specification and condition, as confirmed by us in store. Before you bring it in, you can use our ‘get an estimate’ calculator to get a provisional valuation for your device.

How do you pay me?

We’ll pay you with a Currys PC World gift card to spend in store or online. Where there are special promotions, there may be restrictions on using your gift card.

Why don’t you offer trade-in online?

You can get a provisional trade-in valuation online for your laptop or tablet but you’ll need to bring your device into store so we can verify it and exchange it for a gift card.

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