New features in Windows 10


This guide shows you some of the new things you can do in Windows 10.


Unlike Windows 8, the Start menu works the same way as it does in Windows 7 and previous versions. Clicking it opens a list that can be customised with your choice of software, documents and files.

The 'Live Tile' Start screen that was introduced in Window 8 can still be used by changing the Start Menu to open in full screen.



Cortana is a digital personal assistant. Open the Cortana app (or press the Cortana key on some PCs), and ask a question. You can request directions, reminders, websites, or ask questions about anything.

As you use Cortana, it learns your likes and routines and automatically fills in maps with points of interest and news stories.


Searching for files and documents is faster in Windows 10. From the new Start screen, type the name of the file and Windows will show all relevant documents - whether they're on the hard drive, in the Cloud, or in your external storage.

It also shows you online results to help you learn more about the subjects that are in a document.

Edge browser


Edge is a web browser designed to make the most of your screen. It takes away distractions from the screen, like menus and navigation bars, until you need them.

The Reading Mode hides everything on the screen to help you keep your focus.

Virtual desktop


Unlike older versions of Windows that have a single desktop screen, Windows 10 can switch between more than one, each with their own layouts and apps.

This lets you use different layouts for work, home, and hobbies without needing to make more than one user account.



Continuum connects all of your Windows 10 devices together. If you have a Surface tablet or Windows Phone, any files edited away from home will automatically update on your PC.

All Windows software is designed to work the same way on every device, it doesn't matter what screen size it has.

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