Where should I keep my eggs?


The topic of where to keep your eggs can cause a dispute almost anywhere you raise it.

After ‘discussing’ it in our office for way longer (and louder) that we should have, we decided to answer the question properly once and for all.

Where should they go?


Eggs need to be kept below 20°C, so they should be kept in the fridge.

Despite many fridges having an egg tray in the door, you should keep them in the box at the back of the cavity.

Eggs are really sensitive to temperature changes, so the slight dip whenever you open the door can reduce their freshness.

Who says so?


The British Egg Information Service, that’s who.



Why aren’t they in the fridge at the supermarket?


There temperature of most supermarkets is consistently below 20°C, so the eggs stay cool enough for the short time that they’re there.  

Are free range eggs worth it?


Yeah, of course they’re worth it. Happy chickens make happy eggs.



Hopefully this has answered all your egg questions. If not, all your chicken chat can be directed to us on Facebook or Twitter.

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