What to expect from your next iPhone

By Peter Cruickshank 31 Jul 2017

Apple's WWDC conference is over, and the new iPhone 8 release date is inching closer, so we’re taking a look at iOS 11. What can you expect from your next iPhone later this year? From a totally redesigned App Store to a more powerful Siri, here’s our pick of the best new features we think you’ll be seeing.

This year is the 10th anniversary of the iPhone - what better time for Apple to redesign? So far, no changes to the iPhone are definite, but rumours are flying about what features might change. Nobody can know for sure, but here are our favourite (and the most believable) rumours.

iPhone 8 design rumours


Apple will ditch the Home button – or so we’ve heard.  We've already seen Samsung do it with the S8 and S8+, so it's not hard to imagine Apple moving their Home button to somewhere behind the screen.


Would a move like that cause problems with the Home button's Touch ID fingerprint sensor? Apple have been working on integrating Touch ID with the phone screen, as well as thinking up alternatives. It’s possible that they’ll be moving the sensor to the back of the phone, or getting rid of Touch ID completely and using other biometrics (think facial recognition).

If Apple do decide to ditch the Home button and move Touch ID, it seems pretty likely they'll stretch the screen right down to the bottom, and to the edges of the phone. That’d be quite a change from the iPhone screen we all know, and some of us love.

What's new in iOS 11


We might have some time left before the next iPhone is announced, but an early version of iOS 11 is ready to download.  We’d hold off installing it for now though - it's likely to be buggy and have a lot of features that don’t exactly work yet . Don’t worry, we’ve done it so you don’t have to. Here’s some of our favourite new features from the latest version.

A new File Manager

One of the biggest, and maybe most popular new features for iOS 11 is the new File Manager. It’s a powerful tool to help you manage photos and other files, as well as controlling Cloud-based accounts, like Dropbox and iCloud Drive.

So far, all we know is that the File Manager will support file tagging, nested folders and even a drag-and-drop function: say hello to creating easy email attachments, and no-fuss shifting of pictures from your camera roll into Dropbox. It’d be a great move for iOS, which was always a bit let down by its file management.

A more powerful Siri Assistant

We've enjoyed Siri on our phones since the iPhone 4S in 2011. Six years on, Siri is getting a fancy facelift, just in time for iOS 11. More natural responses and better search results are all thanks to improvements in machine learning. The more you use your iPhone, the more Siri will learn about about you –  and the the more she knows the better she is.

We can't wait to see what kind of conversations we can strike up with the newest version of the virtual assistant.

3D Touch meets the Control Centre

Apple's Control Center is getting an important redesign, using 3D Touch to give more control over toggles and switches.

You'll also be able to get to all the different Control Center options on one page – which is a long-overdue change. We might be expecting even more changes to the Control Centre before the final release – but the addition of 3D touch is the big talking point, and something iPhone fans can start looking forward to.

Redesigned App Store

It's surprising that, even though we've had ten great updates to iOS, the App Store has always stayed pretty much the same.

Not in iOS 11. We can expect to see a totally revamped App Store, one featuring dedicated tabs to separate games and apps. A 'Today' tab will help you discover new apps, special offers, and app deals that change day-to-day.

Love finding and downloading new apps and games? This shiny new store is definitely worth getting excited about. For now though, we just have to wait until September to get these new additions running slickly on our iPhones.

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