Kit Guide: what is a Smart TV?

By Daniel Plummer 17 Aug 2017
smart tv

Smart TVs let you do lots of things, like go on the internet, play games, download shows, and use lots of different apps.

Internet apps


One of the main things a Smart TV can do is use apps, like BBC iPlayer or YouTube for videos, and a lot can use other apps like Twitter, Spotify or Amazon too. You can connect to these social media apps while watching a show, and can tweet or chat on Facebook about it.

smart tv apps

You can also use apps like Skype to make calls and video chat through your TV. Some TVs have a webcam, but if it doesn't, you can normally just plug in a USB one.

Web browsing


You can connect your TV to the internet through Wi-Fi, or by using an Ethernet cable. Most TVs will let you browse at the same time as watching the TV.

Specific brand features


There are a few things that are specific to certain brands:


Panasonic's 'Viera Connect' service lets you download free, cloud-based apps from the Viera Connect Market.

Sony Bravia

These come with the Xross Mediabar, which can give you lots of information and entertainment from the 'Bravia Internet Widgets' and streaming services like Netflix.


LG's 'Smart Share' uses apps to bring you TV on-demand, movies, and social networking sites, LG Web browser, and the LG app store.


Philips has a 'Net TV' service which can connect with other bits of kit on your network and play your files. They also have a range of NetTV services, and web browsing.


Toshiba Smart TVs can connect to Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, BBC iPlayer, and other apps. They have their own Toshiba internet TV service, and you can also connect to your home network to watch stuff from your computer.

Hopefully that's everything you need to know, but if you need any extra help, you can get in touch with our Team Knowhow Experts here.

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