What does Data Roaming mean on my phone?


If you're in an area where your mobile phone has no signal, your phone can 'roam' to find another network to connect to instead. This is what happens when you travel abroad with your phone. 'Data roaming' refers to your phone connecting to the internet through a different network to the one you pay your bills to.

When abroad, your mobile network can charge quite a bit for roaming to another network, so make sure you know how much you will need to pay before you travel. Data roaming charges for accessing internet will be especially high, and you could find yourself faced with a large bill without realising it.

When using your phone abroad, you can minimise the costs of data roaming charges using the following techniques:

  • Make sure the data roaming option is turned off and only switch it back on again when you absolutely need it, for example when you want to read your emails
  • Turn off any push settings in your mail or social network apps
  • Only use a Wi-Fi network to access the internet when you are abroad, to avoid charges. You will usually need to ask for the Wi-Fi password to access the internet
  • If you need to use your phone a lot while you are abroad, ask your mobile service provider about any travelling or roaming packages they offer

Using these tips will let you enjoy your time away knowing the final bill will be easy to digest and won’t contain any unexpected extras.

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