Watching films from a USB stick on your TV


This guide will help you get to know what you can and can't play from your USB stick on your TV.

Copyrighted content


You can download lots of things onto a USB stick, but copyrighted stuff won't play. For example, if you buy a film through iTunes and download it onto a USB stick, you won't be able to play it. You'll have to watch it through iTunes or on another Apple device.

You can check whether something is protected by looking for 'DRM' in the file name. If it's DRM free, then it should play fine.

Film formats


Films and TV shows that you download can come in lots of different formats, but most TVs can only handle a few. Have a look in your TV's user manual to find out which ones you can use. When you've figured it out, just make sure you download that version in future.

Playing videos


To watch the stuff that's on your USB stick, plug it into the back of the TV. Use the remote and change the source to 'USB'. Now you should be able to see what's on the USB stick, and choose what you want to watch.

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